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Portland Home Re-Roof Project Part 2

Aerial View

two technicians re-roofing

Crew at beginning of install.

During the process, we covered all delicate areas with boards and/or tarps. This home was especially difficult because they had a glass solarium attached to the home.

Plywood covered solarium

Glass solarium covered by plywood to prevent damage

Glass solarium covered by plywood to prevent damage

5 layers of roofing material!!

layers of roofing material

Two of the five layers

When we began the project we were amazed at what we found in the tear-off process. The home had 4 layers of roofing stacked on top of each other! The roof was so old that the bottom layers were almost dust. The bottom layer was Cedar shingles and the other 3 layers were architectural shingles. They had put a new layer on every 15 years instead of maintaining the current layer. (all of the roofs put on were considered to be 40-year roofs from the manufacturer) Lack of ventilation was the cause of this premature failure at an extreme cost to the homeowner. This was a high-carbon footprint roof.

layers of roofing material

The bottom layer is almost dust

We were at the job site for a month removing and replacing the roof. Our standard procedure is to set up and clean up every day so that the homeowner is not dealing with our mess when we aren’t there. We also have a manager at the job site every day to check in on the process and address the concerns of the homeowner. We use safety equipment at all times when on the roof and all of our employees are insured and certified to be working on the home.

Prepping for roof install

Scaffolding and setup

In order to give the client a lifetime warrantied roof, air ventilation was installed by using an EdgeVent System. This allows cool air to flow into the small space between the insulation and the original wood slats, exiting at the top of the roof (aka ridge) through a RidgeVent System. Note: This system of ventilation is the most efficient way to ventilate a roof, allowing the homeowner to get the most service life possible out of their roof and spend the least amount possible on heating/cooling their home. Following the ventilation system, we covered the wood slats with 1/2″ 5x plywood. (5x plywood is considered to be the best and most durable of all plywood underlayment) The worst underlayment would be OSB (arrogated strand-board) because it falls apart in any kind of moisture and it does not hold roofing fasteners (nails) nearly as well.

Technicians working on roof

Installing correct ventilation and plywood underlayment

Why would you settle for anything less when replacing your Portland roof?

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