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Benefit Of Real Estate Certifications For Buyers And Sellers

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Buyers and sellers get bogus information on their roofs and then act on it. They stage an entire home to sell or go look at a home to buy, all on an assumption. A real estate certification from Roof Life of Oregon can tell you the exact condition of the roof you’re selling or buying, to give you peace of mind and power in negotiation.

Because of our thirty-seven years of roof maintenance and replacement experience, we have a unique perspective that you can’t get anywhere else. We look at how the roof was applied, how it’s been well cared for, and all of the components. We’re able to determine, based on our history and knowledge, how long that roof is going to last.

We even video it for those who don’t feel comfortable getting on a roof themselves. You can sit in the comfort of your home and view all of the issues, along with an explanation. You can take this knowledge and confidence into the real estate transaction to make the best deal possible.

We had a client that called in who had a 20-year-old asphalt shingle roof. She had her house on the market. When I went up there, I found that there were no holes, but the granules on the south and west sides had all come off to about 40-50% and the roof could not be certified. It probably needs to be replaced in the next three years.

I talked to the client and I said, “Talk to your realtor and see if there’s a three-year certification, because I think that’s all that you’re going to get out of this roof. If not, it’s not certifiable and you’ll have to come up with a negotiated price because the roof’s value is $26,000.” So that homeowner took that information and is working with the realtor to get the home marketed.

Front HouseThe next day, that same client was making an offer on a home in Sherwood with a 17-year-old asphalt shingle. I went out and inspected that and I found it to be an immaculate shape, not one problem with it. It had very balanced ventilation, the growth was under control and it had been well cared for perfectly. It has five to eight more years of wonderful service life. She took that information and used it to make her offer.

So whether you’re a buyer or a seller, Roof Life of Oregon’s real estate roof certifications can really benefit you. It protects you against the bogus claims of buyers and sellers and puts you in a powerful position. When you hire us, we’ll tell you the truth about your roof.

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