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Roof Life Helps Keep Portland Green

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Naturally beautiful landscapes are scattered across the U.S., but the Pacific Northwest is in a class of its own. From the beautiful coastlines to the opposing desert and rainforest landscapes, the Pacific Northwest is certainly worth preserving.

One way to ensure its beauty is by implementing environmentally conscious business practices.

However, many have taken the opposite approach and neglected to see how their business practices impact the environment.

Fortunately, to protect the landscape that the great explorer John Muir loved, Roof Life of Oregon has taken steps toward sustainability. Keep reading to learn how the company and its several green initiatives help keep Portland green.

We Use Environmentally Safe Chemicals

Homeowners in the Portland area are no strangers to the frustrations of roof moss. Depending on the type of moss, it can cause a wide array of problems. Either way, if your home has a moss infestation, it’s something that can only be efficiently removed by a professional.

If not, a small missed patch can lead to another growth and other problems like leaks, pests, and excess weight on the roof.

However, many companies like to use highly toxic chemicals to get the job done. While they may be effective, these chemicals are a considerable threat to aquatic life.

In fact, manufacturers explicitly state not to apply their product near any drains, water, or when heavy rain is expected. But of course, it’s easier said than done.

Roof Life of Oregon provides a solution for effective moss removal. It’s a solution that guarantees a clean roof while using an environmentally friendly product.

Our roofing specialists will use a material-specific Dennco formula. This formula keeps moss off your roof for three to five years—guaranteed. In addition to being environmentally conscious, it also works to prevent various roofing parts from corrosion.

We Use Natural Cedar Shakes

Installing a new roof comes with many challenging decisions. One of which is selecting a reliable, versatile, cost-effective, and sustainable material.

And when it comes to a single choice that ticks all the boxes, there’s no roofing material better than cedar shake. Out of all the choices, cedar shake has the lowest carbon footprint and the most minimal environmental impact.

Right in Portland’s backyard, thousands of acres of beautiful cedar trees are growing. These are vast mountain ranges covered with cedar trees that typically live between 400 to 600 years. If anything, it’s these centuries-old trees that contribute to the clean, green Pacific Northwest air with CO2 removal.

Now you might be wondering if companies hire loggers to tear down centuries-old cedar for production.

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Cedar shake is produced from the dead cedar trees already lying on the ground when loggers collect other types of timber. That translates to an incredibly reduced carbon footprint. This is because loggers aren’t burning excess fuel to collect dead cedar specifically.

Additionally, cedar shake doesn’t need the mass amounts of human resources, fossil fuels or, electricity as asphalt or metal. It’s material that can be produced in a matter of seconds.

Cedar also doesn’t produce pollution anywhere near the amount produced by stone-coated roofs. Cedar shake’s natural insulation is excellent for controlling excess moisture.

Overall, it’s the greenest solution for roofs, as long as it’s maintained and is of high quality. Fortunately, Roof Life of Oregon only uses 100% vertical-grain shakes to ensure you get the highest quality cedar shake on the market.

We Recycle

With the vast amount of roofing jobs that occur annually, it’s evident that roofing and mass amounts of scrap material come hand in hand.

However, the approximate 10 million metric tons of asphalt shingles alone emphasize the importance of recycling. Appropriate recycling is necessary to remain environmentally friendly and sustainable, regardless of whether it’s old torn-off roofing or excess materials.

This simple act can help Portland and the world in two ways. It serves to reduce material carbon footprint and pollution.

Recycling reduces carbon footprint by minimizing the need to manufacture new products. Secondly, a reduced amount of waste sent to the landfill means there’s less trash sent for incineration and reduced pollution.

Roof Life of Oregon believes in a sustainable future. It puts recycling to help others and the environment at the forefront. The company’s policy is always to recycle wood scraps, skylights, asphalt shingles, metal vents, and metal flashing.

The company takes it a step further by donating 100% of the proceeds from the recyclable metal to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Choose a Roofing Company That Cares

Portland and the Pacific Northwest is a lush, green, and naturally beautiful sections of the world. It’s up to companies like Roof Life of Oregon and others to take steps toward sustainability.

Being environmentally friendly or conscious doesn’t have to involve drastic changes. It’s the small steps that can go a long way, whether it’s using eco-friendly chemicals or sourcing from low-carbon footprint providers.

Roof Life of Oregon is a company that puts the environment first and constantly looks for ways to keep Portland beautiful.

Whether you’re looking to install a new roof or get rid of persistent moss and mold, get in touch with our specialists for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution!

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