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Roof Addition Gone Awry

Posted October 12, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Creating additions to your home is a great way to increase its functionality and resale value, however there are many problems you could run into with your roof addition. Below is an example of something we would never do because of the functionality and look this roof addition has created.

The original roof, which is the brown stained portion, had a copper naphthenate used to give the roof it’s distinct color. The roof contractor who worked on the roof addition decided to use a different type and grade of cedar shake and then opted to not stain the new roof addition. The roof contractor had two options he could have used to make this roof look uniform: power wash the stain off the original roof or stain the new portion of the roof.

Another difference you can see between the original roof and the roof addition is the lack of keyways on the roof addition. The new shakes are spaced so tightly together that it looks like it’s one solid piece of wood. As a result water and debris has a difficult time traveling naturally down the roof creating pools of water and debris.

Other poor features of this roof addition include a missing cap on the metal vent pictured in the center of the roof and a board left behind by the roofers that still remains attached.

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