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Contractor Roofing: The Low Bidder Strikes Again

Posted May 4, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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When you have a roof that’s shot, and could leak any day, you need peace of mind ASAP! A new roof is a major expense and if you haven’t had regular roof inspections, by a reputable roofing contractor, then you probably don’t have a line item in the budget for a new roof. This all comes to a head when you’re gathering bids for your new roof. It’s tempting to pick the lowest bidder. Your other home renovations, a family summer vacation, and ultimately your bank account hints you should take the lowest bid. That is until you see what Daniel White found while inspecting a roof done by the ‘low bidder’.


Today we’re going to talk about the low bidder, the low guy, the guy who can actually do the roof for so much, much less. Frightening statistic that comes from the better business bureau, 80% of the claims that are reported to them come from the low big contractor. Not from the high bid, from the low bid, 80%, I’m going to show you why that is. This is a beautiful tri-laminate lifetime shingle that was installed. This is a beautiful nice thick shingle and you can tell right now that this is from the low bidder. I want to show you a few things that happen when you have a guy that’s going to keep his prices low as he can; he’s going to have his guys go as fast as they can. It’s up on an 8/12 roof which has a nice little pitch to it. The homeowner is not going to come up here; they’re not going to see this stuff. I’m going to show you what they can’t see. Right off when I get up here I noticed the tar. That’s them covering their nails, nails that are put in completely the wrong place; nails that are going to drip right off the ridge causing the water to go in. It’s not just there it’s all over this roof. I can stand here in the valley and just start point them out. There, right next to it, right above it and those are the nails that they knew about it. Those are the nails that they put mastic or caulking, whatever they had with them, to cover up those nails. I can continue to walk across this roof and find more. There’s another one and another roof, and it just continues; it’s all along this roof. There are a lot of other things that are wrong with this roof, but that’s just one of the basic things that happens when you hire a crew that they just want to go as fast as they can, ge off the roof, and get onto the next one that’s where they’re going to make their money. What you end up with is poor workmanship, the homeowner is now trying to sell this house, we have to come back out and do all these repairs. We’re not just going to throw caulking on it we have to pull these shingles out and put new shingles in.

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