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Our Team

The Roof Life of Oregon team is composed of experienced, local, and passionate people who are ready to help you repair, replace, or just maintain your roof.  Get to know our team as we earn your business for your current and future roofing needs!

Founder & Owner
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Patrick Morin
General Manager
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Ken Wheeler
Social Media Manager/ Client Services Team Member Since 2011
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Melissa Hill
Roof Replacement Consultant Team Member Since 2008
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Daniel White
Roof Replacement Consultant Team Member Since 2011
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Jerry Becker
Roof Maintenance Consultant Team Member Since 2016
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Tim Mueller
Accounts Receivable
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Ivy Catledge
Production Manager
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Matthew Morin
Accounting Manager
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Alexis Krane
Roofer working to replace a roof in Portland, OR

#1 Roof Replacement Crew Members

We take pride in our crews and do not use subcontractors, labor-ready or street-side employees. They are courteous and well-groomed. They will not smoke, curse, drink, or play loud music while working on your property. They go through safety training every month and they are always continuing their roofing education through manufacturer certifications. We only use 100 percent U.S. documented employees so you do not carry any liability with who is on your property and your roof will be installed at the highest quality based on our standards. All of our employees are drug tested.

#2 Roof Maintenance Team Members

When it comes to your roof maintenance, leak repair, cleaning and treating to prevent the moss from ruining your roof, it is important for you to know that all of our roof technicians are trained and use specialized engineered equipment that is designed to help your roof look good, work right and last longer. Our teams will never do anything to your roof that will make it go backwards. We are a team of consultants, managers and technicians trained and devoted to bringing you peace of mind when it comes to your roof.

Roofer washing the debris off a roof in Portland, OR

We’re Here to Help You

A healthy and properly functioning roof, free of moss and debris is also appealing and a source of homeowner pride.

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