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Slate Roofing In Portland, OR

Unlike many other options, slate roofs are made of metamorphic rock derived from volcanic ash or clay. The rock, which is millions of years old, is hailed as one of the most coveted and longest-lasting roofing materials.  Slate also boasts benefits like low maintenance, fire protection, enhanced curb appeal, and an extensive lifespan.

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Benefits of Slate Roofing

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Increased Curb Appeal and Home Value

At the end of the day, homes are an investment and finding ways to boost or maintain curb appeal is one way to help your home stand out when it’s time to sell. 

Slate tiles provide homes with a classic beauty that isn’t found with other materials. Although it’s not as widely manufactured, homeowners can select from various styles and colors. 

The colors can range from muted grays and blacks to more vibrant greens and reds. Homeowners can also find varying thicknesses and grains to create the roof of their dreams.

Slate tiles are expensive for a reason. They’re built to last, and their durable nature ensures that they will not fade or erode for many decades. 

It’s safe to say that replacing a roof will almost certainly increase a home’s value, even with other materials like asphalt or cedar. However, with the increased aesthetic and durability qualities, you can rest assured that slate tiles will provide more value than the alternatives. 

Substantial Lifespan

Slate tiles offer a more environmentally-friendly option known to last between 75 to 100 years on average. However, the actual lifespan depends on the physical and mineral properties, proper installation, and routine maintenance. 

Fortunately, slate roof repair is minimal as long as the material uses hard slate and is appropriately installed. That’s because the natural stone tends to crack, erode or break much less frequently than asphalt, metal, or wood.

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Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Roof Life of Oregon warrants to the homeowner that the roof installation will be free of defects in workmanship.
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Naturally Resistant 

Many homeowners in humid environments like Portland are familiar with the frustrations and high cost of mold removal. Mold growth occurs when a roof steadily absorbs moisture, trapping mold underneath. The trapped mold then spreads across the roof, causing expensive and potentially permanent damage. 

Slate tiles, however, are naturally resistant to mold because they don’t absorb any moisture preventing mold growth from ever occurring. The lack of moisture absorption also means these tiles are naturally resistant to moss growth as well. That makes slate roofs an exceptional choice for homes in humid environments like Portland.

Slate tiles are also resistant to extreme weather and temperatures. The natural stone is fire resistant making it an excellent alternative to other roofing materials like cedar shake for homes in areas prone to wildfires. 

These tiles are not only resistant to mold, moss, and fire, but they also hold up exceptionally well in icy temperatures. 

An Eco-Friendly Option

As mentioned earlier, slate roofs are a much more eco-friendly option than asphalt or cedar shake shingles. This is primarily due to the extensive lifetime use that you get with slate tiles. 

For example, the avaerage shingles typically get removed every decade or two. 

While these old shingles can be sent to a recycling center, they’re more likely to get sent to the local dump. This is a potential issue. Often, the alternatives contain non-biodegradable materials known to harm the environment. 

On the other hand, slate roofs last for at least a century. That means as more homes use slate roofs, the volume of roofing material sent to the dump drastically decreases every year. It also helps that their natural composite almost guarantees zero negative impact on the environment. 

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Slate Roof Repair & Replacement in Portland, OR

Although installing a slate roof can come with higher initial costs, it offers a wide array of benefits that make it well worth it. One in particular for homeowners in humid areas is that they will no longer be bothered by the headaches that come with mold growth removal. Instead, slate roof installation gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy a low-maintenance roof that's resistant to fire and contributes to raising their home's value. If you're looking for a durable and aesthetically-pleasing roof, get in touch with one of our specialists today!

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A healthy and properly functioning roof, free of moss and debris is also appealing and a source of homeowner pride.

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