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Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the harsh climate that comes with living in Oregon City. That’s why it’s important to stay aware of your roof’s condition to help keep your family and belongings safe. Roof Life of Oregon makes roof maintenance, inspections, repairs and replacement a simple and pain-free process. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with all of your roofing needs!

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Roof Maintenance

Similar to owning a car, your roof needs regular maintenance to make sure all of its parts are working as intended. Roof Life offers a variety of services to help keep your roof working and looking its best.

Roof Cleaning

All roofs need regular cleaning, and it’s much safer for you if you leave it to the professionals. Our technicians have the expertise and equipment needed to safely remove dirt and debris. We also have access to specialized non-toxic chemicals that can help protect your roof from the Oregon City elements.

Moss Removal

If you don’t like the look of moss on your roof, just think about how unhappy you’d feel finding out that its growth caused structural damage. Moss needs to be removed from your roof regularly to prevent it from causing leaks, rot and other not-so-fun problems. Let our team help.

Well-Care Checkups

All good things in life require a little care, and roofs are no exception. We’ll come and inspect your Oregon City roof every 3-5 years to make sure there aren’t any hidden problems. The best part? This service is 100% free! We’ll even send you reminders when it’s time for a visit.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Keeping a regular roof maintenance schedule can help ensure your roof is working efficiently and that it will last the duration of its lifespan. If there are any problem areas, it’s better to find out now than when rain starts trickling into your living room! Regular roof maintenance means catching any problems early before they burn a hole in your wallet. Just like servicing your car, your roof needs regular care to keep it functioning properly.

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Roof Repair

All roofs experience wear and tear, and the wet climate across the area doesn’t help. When you notice something unusual or if you hear a loud thud, you can turn to our dependable team of experts to fix it and keep it from happening again.

We repair all roof types, including asphalt, cedar, composite and metal roofs.

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Leak Repair

Leaks can be caused by a number of factors, but the important thing is that you get them fixed quickly. We’ll repair your roof leaks and any damage they may have caused. We’re so confident in the quality of our service that we’ll offer you a No-Leak Warranty following your repair.

Skylight Repair

Our team is highly skilled in maintaining, repairing, replacing and installing skylights. If you’re looking for an experienced company you can trust, you’ve come to the right place!

Chimney Repair 

Masonry chimneys will wear down as they age. That’s why it’s important to have them regularly inspected and repaired. Roof Life can seal gaps between your chimney and roof, replace loose bricks and install mortar and chimney caps that can help reduce future repairs.

Roof Replacement

When you choose Roof Life of Oregon for your roof replacement project, the only finger lifting you’ll be doing is pointing to the design you like best. We’ll handle the rest.

Roof Replacement

We pride ourselves in offering a pain-free roof replacement process. From developing a plan that matches your budget and design preferences to cleanup when the project is completed, we’ll take care of every detail. 

Roof replacement shouldn’t affect your daily life, which is why we’ll work with you to replace your roof at a time that’s convenient for you. For your convenience, we’ll also dispose of your old roof.

Our roofers are courteous and trained to install all types of roofs, including cedar, asphalt, composite and stone-coated metal. Wondering which roof material is right for you? We’re happy to answer questions and walk you through a list of things to consider.

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Roof Certification

Roof certifications are often issued during real estate transactions to bring peace of mind to both the buyer and seller. The certification process involves a thorough inspection that examines both your roof and attic for any signs of deterioration, leaks, or ventilation issues.
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Real Estate Roof Certifications

Roof Life offers roof certifications for those who are buying or selling a home. The certification process involves a careful inspection of both your roof and attic. If your home passes, it will receive a “stamp of approval” that certifies it will be free of issues for at least five years. If it fails, we’ll offer a repair plan and can often make repairs within one business day, assuming the materials are available.

Buyers can rest easy knowing the current condition of their roof and its expected lifespan. The certification process also protects sellers from inaccurate inspection claims and can help avoid delays in the closing process due to unresolved roof problems.

Contact us today, and we’ll be out to perform your inspection within one business day.

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Roof Life of Oregon did an incredible job and made it super easy on us logistically. They sent gentle reminders prior to servicing with detailed instructions to prep for their visit. We recently bought our house and the cleaning and treatment they did made us feel more confident in our purchase.

Hannah Bogue

Roof Life of Oregon has preserved my roof for the last 35 years. Excellent service and great communication, very responsive to requests

Meriwether Denman

We are very happy with the results! Roof Life fixed/replaced some of our shingles, added tie-offs for safety, removed all the moss (and there was a lot of it), and then cleaned up everything! Our very steep roof looks like new.

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

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