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Do I Have an Anti-Moss Shingle?

Key Takeaways   Moss often grows on roofs because they foster an environment with moisture, sunlight, and organic material that allows the organism to thrive. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing …

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How To Get Rid of Green Gutter Slime on Your Roof

Key Takeaways Green slime is a nasty, slimy build-up of moisture, algae, and moss in your gutters that can lead to issues with your roof. Causes of green slime include …

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Is Zinc Sulfate Powder An Effective Way To Kill Roof Moss?

Executive Summary Roof moss can grow if there is a buildup of moisture and organic material, and the roots can spread into the shingles and underlying construction layers, causing damage. …

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The Negative Effect of Multiple Roof Layers

Key Takeaways  Adding multiple roof layers is a common trick for addressing roof damage and increasing roof durability, but having too many layers can cause issues. The added material on …

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How To Make Your Roof Last Longer

Executive Summary Roof maintenance plays an important part in ensuring its structural integrity, maintaining a high property value, and saving you from high repair costs in the future. Maintenance tasks …

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How To Take Care Of Moss On Your Roof

Executive Summary Moss is a simple plant that can grow along moist surfaces, including your roof, and cause damage as the roots and stems dig into the materials they grow …

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Why You Shouldn’t Vent a Dryer Through Your Roof

Dryer vents exist to get rid of all the excess heat, moisture, and lint that builds up during the drying process. A clogged vent can lead to problems ranging from …

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10 Types of Roof Tiles for Homes

Most roofs need replacing every 20 to 30 years. If you are in need of a roof replacement, or even a roof repair, then you may want to consider tiles. …

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Pipe Flashing: Why Your Roof Needs One

In the US, most roofs are made of asphalt, which needs to be replaced every 20 to 30 years. However, you can make your asphalt roof last longer by regularly …

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