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Skylight Repair & Replacement

Portland Skylight Repair & Replacement 

Our trained, licensed professionals can repair or replace your existing skylight, or help you find the perfect spot to install a new skylight if you’re looking to bring some more natural light into your home.

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is a window located on the roof or a slanted outside wall. Most Portland homeowners install skylights to:

  • Bring in more natural light. Since skylights are located on the roof, they let in natural light both during the day and the night, which can help save on electricity bills since you won’t need to turn on lights as frequently.
  • Provide more ventilation in a room. You can choose a skylight that opens (manually or electronically) to improve cross ventilation, cooling down and refreshing rooms that tend to be hot and stuffy.
  • Solar heat their home in winter. Skylights let in a lot of direct sunlight, which helps keep your home warm during the winter. To keep that sunlight from coming in too strong in the summer, you can also install shades on the skylight.
  • Make rooms and views look better. Skylights can make just about any room feel bigger and give it a light, natural feel. Plus, depending on where the skylight is positioned, it can give you a better view of your city or even the stars on those rare clear Portland nights.
  • Increase the value of their home. Cosmetic investments, like installing a skylight, make your home look more attractive—increasing its resale value.

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Types of skylights we offer

At Roof Life of Oregon, we want you to have the best products for your skylight replacement. That’s why we install Velux skylights, which offer a variety of skylight options to choose from:

  • Classic skylights: For classic skylights that open, you can choose from ones that open manually or electronically. You can also opt for solar-powered ones that recharge an internal battery to open and close.
  • Fixed or flat roof skylights: If you’re just looking to bring in more natural light, fixed skylights are an economical option. Flat roof skylights help bring in light for homes with flat or low-pitch roofs.
  • Tunnel skylights: If you want to bring natural light into a room that doesn’t touch the roof, tunnel skylights have a cylinder that connects the roof and ceiling to bring in daylight.
  • Roof windows: Essentially a less versatile skylight, roof windows can only be installed on a roof, but can open to give the needed ventilation.
  • Oversized or modular skylights: To make a room more dramatic, you can install a skylight spanning several feet, or a series of skylights that span the entire room. You can also get skylights with unique shapes and color tints to make a room that much more appealing.
No-Leak Warranty & Skylight Maintenance

Your skylight is a small part of your roof. When we think about providing you unparalleled service, we are talking about your entire roof. Regular maintenance checks on your roof will keep your skylight working properly plus keep your roof in the best shape possible.

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Skylight Installation

Never had a skylight and want to install one? Not a problem. At Roof Life of Oregon, we’ll recommend the best skylight options based on:

  • Your reason for installing a skylight. If you care less about saving on electricity than you do making your home more appealing, we’ll help you make that happen.
  • The skylight style you prefer. Maybe the skylight aesthetic isn’t everything, but no matter what type of skylight you choose, you’ll have design options to choose from.
  • The shape and style of your roof. Not all skylights work on all roof types. Our roofing company will also inspect your roof to make sure everything looks safe and sound enough to support a skylight installation.

Our licensed, experienced professionals will treat your entire home—roof and new skylight included—with the same care and respect that you do. In fact, we care about your home so much that all skylight installations come with a lifetime guarantee.

Skylight Replacement

Sometimes, a skylight is beyond repair and needs to be completely replaced. If that’s the case, our professionals will:

  • Remove your existing skylight. Don’t worry—we take extra care to keep your roof (and the rest of your home) free of any damage.
  • Help you choose a new skylight. If you don’t want to mess around with choosing a new model, we’ll help you find the closest replacement for your existing skylight.
  • Install your brand new skylight. Taking just as much care as we did when removing your old skylight, we’ll install your new one. Our professionals have been replacing skylights for years, so they know what they’re doing.

Skylight Repair

Is your skylight leaking or not working right? Call us and we’ll come take a look: (503) 461-2665.

More often than not, minor issues can be fixed with a skylight repair—helping you save a lot of money by not having to pay for a skylight replacement. A leaking skylight can usually be fixed by either replacing a seal or reflashing (an extensive form of weatherproofing) the skylight.

That said, if you want to take the opportunity to check out your options for new, more advanced skylights, we’re happy to help.

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Experience the Difference
  • 1. Family Owned & Operated Since 1983
    Roof Life of Oregon is a 39-year-old, family-owned and operated, full-service residential roofing business.
  • 2. Licensed & Insured Technicians
    Roof Life is officially licensed and fully insured for your protection. We are certified installers for all types of roofing products.
  • 3. Dependable, Experienced & Caring Team
    We will treat your home with respect and the personal attention it deserves. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently, including daily cleanup, for the duration of your project.
  • 4. Service After the Sale Guarantee

    Excluding acts of God, your roof will not falter from normal, everyday exposure. In the unlikely event that your roof encounters any workmanship challenges, we will make any necessary repairs absolutely free within 24 hours of being alerted of the issue. 

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