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Portland Roof Inspection

Any roof will eventually start showing signs of deterioration. Some locations will deteriorate roofs faster than others—especially places with wet climates like we have here in Portland. Many people don’t think about their roof until there’s already a problem (leaks, roof damage, etc.), but a roof inspection can help catch minor concerns before they turn into massive problems. Our roofing experts recommend annual inspections during either the spring or fall, so you know your roof is ready to handle the more intense weather of summer and winter.

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What’s Included in a Roof Inspection

At Roof Life of Oregon, our roof inspections include the following:

  • Attic ventilation: Improper ventilation can cause your roof to deteriorate faster than it should. We’ll inspect your roof ventilation so you know it’s effectively expelling heat and moisture from your attic.
  • Shingles/shakes/tiles: We’ll inspect your roof shingles to make sure you don’t have any moss or shingles that are loose, broken, or missing.
  • Water stains and signs of leakage: We’ll let you know if your roof shows any water stains or signs of leakage (stained wood, rusty nails, etc.). You’ll want to have that area inspected and repaired ASAP to prevent more roof damage down the road.
  • Decking: The wooden boards beneath the shingles that make up the frame of your roof can eventually start deteriorating—even faster in the wet climate of Portland. We’ll make sure your decking is structurally sound and that you don’t need a roof replacement.
  • Penetrations and skylights: We’ll take a look at skylights and any other roof penetrations (exhaust vents, pipes, etc.) to make sure everything is properly sealed and any associated rubber boots are still in good condition.
  • Chimney: We’ll make sure that the flashing is keeping water from the base of the chimney, the mortar is still keeping moisture out, and the cap is diverting water from the masonry. If we notice any issues, we can give you a quote for a chimney repair.
  • Gutters: Clogged or poorly designed gutters don’t effectively remove water from your roof, which can eventually cause fungal growth and structural damage. We can clean your gutters to help minimize roof damage and make your home look cleaner.
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Roofs We Can Inspect

Cedar Shake

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Call Roof Life of Oregon at (503) 925-0125 or fill out the form below to get a free quote for your roof inspection. We’ll inspect your entire roof to make sure everything is up to par. We’ll also let you know of anything that could cause problems down the road, so you can make sure to prevent the issue before it becomes an expensive repair.

Thank you for a fantastic job of cleaning and fixing our roof. Our whole house looks better.

Mary T.

Beaverton, OR

We would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to tell you have blessed you are, to have such a fine group of people in your employ.

Al and Margret T.

Columbia City, OR

I just want to say that among all the contractors I have had recently helping me with this old house, your group stand head and shoulders above all of them! Not only do my roofs look like they are brand new, my windows, gutters shrubs etc. were left in better condition! I have complete trust in recommending you and your wonderful employees to any and all who will listen. Bravo!

Betty S.

Oregon City, OR

I’ve been telling family, friends, and work associates in meetings just how impressed we are with you and how you stand behind your work. The people I’ve spoken with reacted with a lot of interest. I know from what many have said, that some who haven’t had a roof treatment will probably be contacting Roof Life to start the process on their roof. It’s a pleasure for us to recommend you to others.

Steve S.

Wilsonville, OR

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A healthy and properly functioning roof, free of moss and debris is also appealing and a source of homeowner pride.

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