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With over 38 years of experience maintaining, replacing and repairing roofs in the greater Portland area, our team of local experts has earned the trust of the West Linn community by providing unbeatable service that doesn’t interrupt your daily life. Contact us today to join the 11,000 homeowners and property managers who trust us with their roofing needs!

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Roof Maintenance

Similar to owning a car, your roof needs regular maintenance to make sure all of its parts are working as intended. We offer a variety of services to help keep your roof working and looking its best.

Roof Cleaning

When debris builds up on your roof, it can absorb moisture, leading to unnecessary weight on your roof and the potential for structural damage. Our technicians will blow away dirt and apply specialized self-cleaning treatments that can help protect your roof’s tiles from the elements.

Moss Removal

Aside from not being aesthetically pleasing, moss growth can shift your shingles, absorb moisture and cause rot, leading to ceiling damage, leakage, and even structural damage. We’ll apply non-toxic chemicals to your roof to kill off moss and fungus – and keep them from coming back.

Well-Care Checkups

Just because your roof looks fine doesn’t mean there aren’t problems lurking underneath the surface. Roof Life offers free inspections to West Linn residents to search for any potential issues that could cause headaches down the road. We’ll only recommend repairs when they’re necessary.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance can save you a lot of money by catching small problems, such as minor leaks and missing shingles before they turn into something that can threaten your entire roof. The earlier you catch these problems, the less likely it is for them to require expensive fixes! Roof maintenance may not always be at the top of your mind, but it’s important to keep up with regular inspections and cleanings to prevent any major issues. The best way to make your roof last longer is to take good care of it.

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Roof Repair

Whether your home has an asphalt, cedar, composite or metal roof, you can find a trusted and experienced repair partner in Roof Life of Oregon. We offer a number of services to resolve any problems with your roof and to keep them from returning.
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Leak Repair

Roof leaks can lead to structural damage, which is why it’s important to identify and resolve them quickly. Our seasoned technicians can help you find and repair any hidden leaks that may pose a risk to your home.

Skylight Repair

If your home has a skylight, it’s important to have it regularly inspected and maintained to prevent damage to your home. Our process for repairing, installing and replacing skylights has been carefully designed to avoid interfering with your daily life.

Chimney Repair 

Roof Life technicians are highly skilled at maintaining and replacing masonry chimneys. We can help fix leaks, fill in cracks between the bricks and make sure your chimney’s structure is sound. We’ll also inspect the inside of your chimney for problems that may not be visible from the outside.

Roof Replacement

When you choose Roof Life of Oregon for your roof replacement project, the only finger lifting you’ll be doing is pointing to the design you like best. We’ll handle the rest.

Roof Replacement

Needing a roof replacement can seem overwhelming, both in terms of costs and logistics. At Roof Life, we pride ourselves on managing all the details to keep this process simple. Based on your budget and design preferences, we’ll build a custom plan to provide your home with the unique protection it needs. We’ll even dispose of your old roof so you can spend more time admiring your new one.

Our team is highly trained in installing all kinds of roofs, including cedar, composite, asphalt and stone-coated metal. This gives you the freedom to pick the material you like best and that fits in with the design of the rest of your house. We’ll walk you through the different types to help you make an educated decision. 

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Roof Certification

Roof certifications are often issued during real estate transactions to bring peace of mind to both the buyer and seller. The certification process involves a thorough inspection that examines both your roof and attic for any signs of deterioration, leaks, or ventilation issues.
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Real Estate Roof Certifications

Buying or selling a home can be scary due to the unknowns and the threat of a deal falling through. Our roof certifications can help take some of that stress away by providing both buyers and sellers with the insight they need to feel confident in their real estate transaction.

Buyers can benefit from a roof certification by knowing that their roof is free of unresolved problems. You’ll learn the replacement value of your roof and its remaining life expectancy, which could help you in negotiations.

Sellers benefit from roof certifications by avoiding delays in the closing process due to unknown problems with their roof. Any present issues will be reported to you, and you’ll have the opportunity to make quick repairs to avoid losing a deal.

Roof Life provides thorough inspections within one business day of your request. If the materials are readily available, we can also help resolve any problems on the next business day after your inspection.

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Roof Life did the annual cleaning of our roof. Did a great job, including cleaning the gutters. Very professional job cleaning up all the debris.

Ron Johnson

The workers were polite and made sure we were satisfied with their work including the final cleanup. We have additional work scheduled and would highly recommend them.

Rick McMahon

Great Company - Very professional throughout the process of roof repair and moss removal and treatment

Chris White

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Nestled along the scenic Willamette River, West Linn, Oregon, exudes small-town charm and natural beauty. With its tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, West Linn offers residents a tranquil retreat from the bustle of nearby Portland. The city’s thriving downtown area features local shops, restaurants, and community events, fostering a close-knit sense of community. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the city’s numerous parks, trails, and waterfront amenities, while families appreciate the top-rated schools and family-friendly atmosphere. With its rich history, stunning scenery, and quality of life, West Linn is a sought-after destination for those seeking a quintessential Oregon lifestyle.


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