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A significant portion of every maintenance plan is preventing roof leaks and keeping roof leak repair costs to a minimum. However, for many homeowners, water intrusion is typically at the bottom of their list of things to check and is an issue that often goes unnoticed until it's too late. Call Roof Life for an emergency roof leak repair if you're noticing water intrusion in your home.

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Causes of Roof Leaks in Portland

Depending on the materials used and when a home was built, it’s reasonable for owners to expect their roofs to last well beyond fifteen years. However, having a roof that preserves the integrity of your home for its entire estimated lifespan and for it to remain in good condition, homeowners must recognize early signs of potential roof leaks.

Portland is an area prone to frequent rainy weather conditions and it’s especially important to be aware of what would cause your roof to leak. Neglecting a roof leak is about more than replacing a few missing shingles. It can lead to decay, mold, rot, structural damage and even property loss.

Some causes of roof leaks to watch for include:

Cracked or broken flashing
Broken or missing shingles
Neglected dead valley
Cracked chimney
Worn or cracked skylight seals
Clogged Gutters
3-tab asphalt shingles on a roof in Portland, OR

How Do I Know My Roof Is Leaking?

Most often when you have a leaking roof, the evidence is hidden. You’ll usually see clear signs of water, especially in the walls or carpet or water stains on the ceilings or water spots along the roof of exterior walls.

Why You Need to Fix Water Intrusions Immediately

If you notice any water intrusions, it’s essential to fix a leaky roof immediately. If neglected, it can lead to:

Stained ceilings and walls
Structural Damage and Property Loss

Roof Leak Repair Company in Portland, OR

Although your roof may be at the bottom of your list of home maintenance properties, as you can see, it’s a portion of your home care plan that requires a more proactive role in preventing costly damages. 

If you notice any signs of a water intrusion, it’s imperative that you get a roof leak repair service as soon as possible. In many cases, noticeable signs of a roof leak mean it’s too late and already an emergency. 

If you notice signs of water intrusion or require a rapid roof leak repair in the Portland area, contact your roof specialists at Roof Life of Oregon today.

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A healthy and properly functioning roof, free of moss and debris is also appealing and a source of homeowner pride.

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