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Cracks: More than just your plumbers

Posted November 24, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Cracked concrete roof tile is a relatively common problem for tile roof homeowners. Understanding why cracked tile is a problem and what temporary or permanent solutions are available is key to solving your concrete tile roof issues before they become a major problem. Our roof consultant Ken explains in the video below what a cracked concrete roof tile looks like and the various options you have for fixing it.


Hi this is Ken, Roof Life of Oregon, we’re on top of a tile roof today and we’re going to talk about broken tiles. Commonly you cannot see them from the street. You need to be on top of a roof to notice or identify any broken tiles. I have an example of one that has been broken it has been repaired, it’s like a temporary style repair, it’s not permanent, but at least its been addressed. If you see this right here, when you see a field tile, a lot of times the water is coming over this, and if this is not repaired or replaced water has the opportunity to get underneath the tile and onto the paper, so it could find its way into the home, this is a bigger issue. More common, we do see a lot of cracked or chipped tile and they’re more subtle as the corner on this one has been chipped. That could be a bigger issue if water has the opportunity to get into the tile and freeze. It will continue to break and separate this tile and eventually need to be replaced. The main idea is to keep the water on top of the tile flowing down the roof into the gutter or away from the home. Simply having us out once every three years to do an evaluation we can repair and keep the roof working well.

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