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Dishonest Roofing Contractors Lead To Hideous Results

Posted August 11, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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We see some pretty outlandish looking roofs when we go out into the field, but this quite possibly takes the cake in poor roof workmanship and being a dishonest roof contractor.

When you look at the photo below what are the first four things that come to mind?

When I presented this photo to Patrick D. Morin here’s what he said:

Oh my gosh! What were they thinking?

What a joke.

That’s criminal

Just say it. It’s shot!

Some roofing contractors will do any and everything they can to get a job. The average roofing contractor folds after two years of business. Without question, this is the type of workmanship you find from a roof contractor that will be out of business very, very soon. This roof without question needs to be replaced, but can you imagine the problems these homeowners are going to have in the next few years with a roof like this? It wouldn’t surprise me if this entire side of the roof leaks or rots. The homeowner should have set their paycheck on fire, because it would have accomplished more than paying a roof contractor to do this to their roof. Since 1983, Roof Life of Oregon has helped thousands of homeowners maintain beautiful roofs. If you want an honest opinion about your roof call Roof Life of Oregon at (503) 925-0125 or will out of our free roof inspection forms.

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