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Pressure Washing Your Roof With Enough Pressure to Erupt a Volcano

Posted February 3, 2011 by Patrick Morin
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Enough pressure to erupt a volcano, or at least enough to cause a complaint by one of our client’s neighbors. We recently received a Yelp review by Dan K. of Beaverton, OR making claims about our cleaning techniques:

He used way too much pressure on the pressure washer, evidenced by the substantial amount of roofing mineral on my house, sidewalk, vehicles, and driveway . . .

Unfortunately this is a commonly used perception by people unfamiliar with our roof cleaning techniques. We’d like to set the record straight and dispel the perception that Roof Life of Oregon’s roof cleaning technique is a high water pressure system.

Stubborn Yuk and Nast

Have you ever washed your sidewalk with a garden hose? Did you ever notice the distance that dirt and grim travels? I think we can all agree that the pressure from a garden hose is negligible, yet dirt will still find its way around the circumference of your home. When you increase that volume of water, think 20-30 garden hoses all going at the same time, it’s bound to have a greater impact and require a more in-depth cleanup. Basic science tells you that the pressure and volume are inversely proportional. In laymen terms, this means the more water volume we use the less water pressure we use.

The yuk and nast we encounter in the Pacific Northwest is pretty stubborn which is why pressure washing is so commonly used. However, roofing materials were not made to withstand the level of pressure a pressure washer can produce and therefore causes the materials to degredate at least three times faster than mother nature. To have the same cleaning effect, without the chance of ruining the material, we built specially designed trucks with a high volume/low pressure system. The results are pretty astounding.

Not As Easy As It Looks

Have you ever gone hiking in Forrest Park? How did you legs feel the next day? Add in a little weather and you might have an idea of what it’s like to clean a roof. In short, it’s not easy or pretty. Our roof technicians clean roofs year-round regardless of the type of weather they encounter. Don’t forget about the height factor; our technicians work on one-story, two-story and three-story buildings sometimes working on heights are great as 60 feet from the ground!

Again, lets take our example of hiking in Forrest Park, but add in a 60 foot drop with rain and slippery footing; sounds like an event from American Gladiators doesn’t it?! Yet, this is what our trained technicians do five days a week for eight hours a day. If you’re currently experiencing insomnia I recommend you take a field trip out into the field with our team. We’ll help cure those sleepless nights in no time because you’ll be so sore and tired you won’t be able stay awake! Take it from us, some things are better left for a trained professional.

Perception Is Not Always Reality

Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy or a different medical drama TV show? Doesn’t surgery look pretty invasive? It’s hard to imagine how a surgeon using all of their force on your ribs or reaching around your body to grasp your organs could possibly be gentle. Yet, everyday thousands of lives are saved using these very techniques we cringe at and hope we never have to endure. The same can be said with cleaning your roof. Proper training and equipment, in the hands of an experienced professional, may appear invasive, but that’s simply what it takes to get the job done.

Since 1983, Roof Life of Oregon has continued to push their limits and provide innovative techniques to help give your roof additional life. Same owner, same phone number, with green conscious products used regularly. Still not convinced our techniques are non-invasive? Give us a call at 503-925-0125 and we’ll explain our entire procedure. We’re in the business of providing peace of mind and we’re sure our non-invasive water pressure system will help your roof look good, work right and last longer than you ever thought was possible.

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