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When Should I Call Roof Life of Oregon?

Posted November 10, 2015 by Patrick Morin
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You should never be afraid to call if you see something that looks a little off on your roof. We’ve divided Portland into thirty-six service routes and we’re always out ready to check on the roofs in our area.

One of the main reasons we get calls from folks is moss. Moss doesn’t happen overnight. When it gets to the point of development that it actually starts showing, that’s right before it kills your roof. So you want to call us long before that moss begins to show.

We also get calls from people because they’ve noticed a shingle in the yard or a ridge cap is jarred. They see something physical and tangible and think uh-oh, it might be time for a checkup.

And then there are those that have the foresight to know maintenance is critical for the longevity of a roof, even if the roof appears to be completely healthy. The key to a long-lasting roof is getting ahead of the problems by using gentle treatment and maintenance.

A good well-care plan will help you get the most out of your roof so that it doesn’t have to be a worry. You can go through one of our surge storms here in Portland knowing that your roof will withstand it. Call us to schedule your well-care checkup and we’ll get on your roof to get it taken care of.

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