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Why can’t I use laundry soap on my roof to control moss and fungus growth?

Posted February 19, 2008 by Patrick Morin
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Not too long ago, laundry detergent was the moss control of choice for the do it yourselfers in Portland. The EPA just about has a fit when your environmentally concerned neighbor calls in a report. 7 days later, you get that letter in the mail telling you to never do that again and it goes on to tell all the damage that the phosphates in the laundry detergent cause downstream from your roof!

Nowadays, it is a double edged sword for home owners. The EPA got the phosphates out of the soap, but allowed different types of degreasers to be added in, as the new cleaning agents. The problem with using the new laundry soap now is the degreasers eat away the asphalt that holds your composition roof together! This of course will void any warranty from the manufacturer.

Seems like quite a pickle, doesn’t it?

That’s where Roof Life of Oregon comes in. We have an exclusive product that self cleans moss and fungus off any roof in Portland. It is a 100% environmentally safe product, with a zero negative impact on the roofing material so you can maintain your warranty. Every three years we apply a coating and it will keep your roof moss free. Your roof will look good and it will allow Portland’s rainwater to travel directly down the roof and into your gutters. As you know, horizontal water-flow on a roof designed for vertical will cause premature leaks and roof failure.

If you need help maintaining your cedar, tile, or composition roof, call Roof life today @ 503-925-0125.

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