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Roof Stain and Roof Shims: Bad Combo

Posted September 23, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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In previous articles we’ve discussed roof shims and the use of a roof stain, but never before have we combined and discussed those problems on one roof… Until now.

A roof stain is a way to cover up the problem areas on your roof without having to repair them and roof shims are a ‘band-aid’ solution until a more permanent solution is made. If you combine these two problems together you’ll find that one is the result of the other. Using a roof stain will rot your roof eventually causing leaks making shims a necessity. If this homeowner chose a roof maintenance solution other than a roof stain they could have averted having to use roof shims.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we have a roof maintenance solution for you that won’t require roof shims down the road. In fact, we are the only roof maintenance company in the Greater Portland area that offers a three or five year no-leak, no growth guarantee. Simply call (503) 925-0125 or fill out one of our roof estimate forms and we’ll have one of our roof consultants ensure you get a winning combination of looks and performance from your roof for years to come.

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