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Desperate Moss Removal Techniques

Posted October 5, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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We’ve examined several moss removal techniques on this blog including the use of moss control powder, zinc strips, and laundry soap for moss removal. Today we’ll take a look at a technique our roof consultant Pat Harrington recently found on a roof he inspected.

This homeowner physically took the time to cut enough zinc strips (1” x 2”) to cover his entire roof. Talk about a tedious endeavor! You can actually see in the picture the results this homeowner has obtained. Moss is growing along the edge of the shingles and will eventually cause them to lift allowing wind driven rain to get in. The other downside to cutting thousands of 1” x 2” zinc strips is a strong gust of wind has the ability to send thousands of little razor blades flying all over your sanctuary.

The only proven moss removal technique that we’ve come across is our method of applying Dennco Chemical’s cedar shake, tile, or composition roof cleanser. It’s guaranteed by both Roof Life of Oregon and Dennco Chemical to keep your roof moss free for three to five years. If for some reason moss grows back during your warranty period then we’ll come out and clean the roof again free of charge. Who makes guarantees like that anymore?

Call Roof Life of Oregon a (503) 925-0125 or fill out our roof maintenance estimate request form before you breakdown and perform the desperate moss removal techniques we’ve depicted above.

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