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The Dennco Difference

We’ve never kept it a secret. There are a lot of other products that people have been using on roofs in Portland, but Dennco is how we are able to guarantee that your roof won’t be growing a carpet of moss anytime soon after we’ve treated it.

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Portland Roof Cleaning Made Easy

Dennco’s got different formulas for cedar, composition (asphalt) and tile.

Because cedar is the most absorbent, our treatments will keep moss off a cedar roof for 5 years.


Composition and tile are less porous than natural wood, so the best we can do is 3 years moss free.


Other Moss Removal Options

There are several other moss control products out on the market, but we choose not to use them for several reasons. They’re not environmentally friendly, they corrode your roofing components, and lastly are not backed or warrantied by the application manufacturer.

Why Should You Care?

Having an application specific process for roof maintenance will give you greater peace of mind that Roof Life of Oregon is going to make your roof work right, look good, and last longer.

We’re Here to Help You

A healthy and properly functioning roof, free of moss and debris is also appealing and a source of homeowner pride.

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