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The Importance of Roof Ventilation

Posted October 11, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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We take roof ventilation seriously because of the ‘bad and ugly’ roofs we come across on a daily basis. Today’s post features an image of a homeowner’s ‘ugly’ roof that’s rotting from the inside out. Aside from this roof needing to be replaced prior to the expiration of the warranty, the attic has a potential mold issue which will certainly cause additional family havoc.

Having a properly ventilated roof contributes more to your family than having an energy efficient home. Having a properly ventilated roof contributes more to your family’s budget than keeping your heating and cooling costs down. Having a properly ventilated roof means your family’s head, respiratory system, and ultimately health is protected from mother nature and all of her lack luster qualities. Mold and fungus can find their way into your roof and attic making asthma five times more likely to strike one of your loved ones when compared to a family with a properly ventilated roof.

Doesn’t it make sense to protected your loved ones from asthma? All it takes is one free roof maintenance inspection by Roof Life of Oregon to create peace of mind that your roof is protecting your family for the duration of your roof’s life.

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