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4 Benefits of a Real Estate Roof Certification for Realtors

Posted November 28, 2018 by Patrick Morin
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In the last five years, we’ve been developing our real estate roof certifications to help realtors, and their buyers and sellers. Here are the top four benefits for real estate roof certification.

1) A quick sale with less drama.

As you know, you’re going to have a lot of hurdles to jump to sell a home. The roof is a big one that kills a lot of deals. And lenders usually demand a five-year certification. They want to know that the roof covering their investment is solid. A Roof Life of Oregon real estate certification provides that.

2) Happier clients.

We know that when deals flow through easily, clients are happy. They are going to run into bumps – areas of their home they had no idea needed help. The roof is one they can’t walk on or see. With an inspection from Roof Life, they get a video that shows them the exact condition of the roof they are buying or selling.

3) A higher selling price.

When you go out on a home and the roof is in excellent shape, not one problem, you can maybe ask more for the home. Now if a home barely hits that five-year mark, or isn’t certifiable, you at least have that concrete assessment so you can strategize in the negotiation.

4) More referrals.

A happy client refers you, which builds your book of business. You’ll be able to serve more people and have a better lifestyle.

We feel those are the benefits to real estate agents here when they use our real estate roof certification program at Roof Life.

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