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Roof Replacement: Once Or Twice In A Lifetime!

Posted March 31, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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When your roof needs replacement, there some things a homeowner needs to know.

For decades now, it seems that as soon as Spring arrives homeowners begin to think about home projects, and roof replacement is common among those.

Once a week at Roof Life we gather for a team meeting and discuss concerns our clients have. We thought sharing some of those questions/concerns and answer would be of help to you.

The #1 Question Everyone Has: How can I know if I’m getting a fair deal?

Did you know that 78% of roofs (that’s 8 out of every 10 roofs) show workmanship issues within 6 years? Material Warranty is not the issue here. It is reliant on how the roof was installed.

Myth #1: Summer is the only time of year I can get my roof replaced. 

False. Some companies will use the time of year to press you into a sale, but it just isn’t true. Our company can replace a roof safely, efficiently, and with limited invasiveness any time of year.

Myth #2: If a part of the roof is worn out, the entire roof needs to be replaced.

False. This is a sneaky sales tactic used by some companies to increase their bottom line by preying on a client’s peace of mind. It happens all the time that one portion of a roof has declined more rapidly than the rest for various reasons (direction it faces, tree-cover, incorrect installation or maintenance, etc). Our company will never quote a client for more work than is actually needed. If there is more life left in a roof, we will let you know. And we will back up our recommendation with a certification.

There are shady business practices in every industry, but just like poker, the bad players always have a tell. We know roofing, and we want you to know how to identify a crook.

Tell #1: Their company sells only one “premium” product, because they have a special agreement with the Manufacturer.

BUYER BEWARE! Manufacturers do NOT do that!! This play takes options away from the homeowner and its purpose is to sell a normal, even inferior, shingle at a premium price. It’s a con!

Tell #2:  They present monthly financing as a featured sales-point.

This is a dead giveaway that the company knows more about sales and finances than roofing. You will know them because they present to you a tiered-pricing model along with monthly payments as the main discussion in their sales process. BUYER ALERT! If the sales call is about $money/payments and not how the roof will be put together or function in your unique environment, and if it doesn’t come with Workmanship Warranties benefitting you- RUN!

Tell #3:  Similar to a car salesman, it is extremely difficult to say “no” to a shady roof salesman.

The giveaway on this one is that your appointment gets more intense and stressful the longer you resist the deal. You will also note the price dropping significantly ($3k- $10k on big roofs, $1k- $5k on smaller roofs). The financing gets more creative. Note: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SALE AND NOT THE ROOF. You know it’s getting intense when they call their manager from your home. Go ahead and show them to the door.


These are by no means the only tricks in the book, but these are some key things to look for if you are planning on getting multiple quotes for your new roof. We hope this helps you in avoiding some financial pitfalls and not becoming a statistic!


We care, because your roof is our roof!


The Roof Life Team


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