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The Prep is Just as Important as the Install

Posted September 6, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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Let’s be honest – anybody can put on a shingle. You simply follow the instructions. But much of the important work happens before that shingle goes onto your roof. If you don’t know why that’s the key part of a roof installation, or if your contractor can’t explain it to you, take a pause and reevaluate who you chose to put that new roof on.

You roof may look perfect when it’s first installed, but if your installer misses critical steps during prep, it might end up failing you much sooner than you anticipated. How a company preps before a roofing project is what sets them apart from the rest (and it will most definitely end up saving you money down the road- so make sure you factor that in when you get a quote for your replacement roof cost).nail-1557980_1920

Most homeowners just see the end product, but Roof Life ensures that your beautiful product lasts by doing things like prepping the plywood. If you don’t clear all the nails off of the deck, they can wiggle their way up through the new roof and create holes. If you don’t have proper gapping in the plywood, all the shingles look rippled and any wind-driven rain will get right up into your house and damage your ceiling.

When I sat down with our team last week, they were going over details that many installers never even think about. Make sure you hire a roofing company that has the experience to know what to do before the shingles go on your roof, not just someone who can follow an instruction manual.

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