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The Roofing Team: It’s All About Respect

Posted May 20, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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We have a really awesome group of guys to work on your roof. I try to get out to every new roofing project to see how things are going, and it’s always great to see how our team treats you, your home, and your neighbors.

These guys truly respect your property. We’ve talked in past blogs about how we’re always going to make sure to leave your home as we found it; we’ll protect your rose bushes and your dahlias. But the respect goes beyond that. They show up and get to work. They don’t cuss, they don’t play loud music, and they won’t annoy your neighbors.

Many times, homeowners aren’t thinking about their neighbors, but remember: we get to leave after the project is done, but you have to live next to them until you sell your house! So we want to take into account your neighbors’ comfort as well.

A normal workday will occur between the hours of eight and five. If the team wants to show up early or stay late, they’ll always ask your permission first. We want you to be able to go about your morning, getting the kids off to school, or whatever you like to do, without a big truck in the driveway. The same thing goes for the evening- it’s important to us that you can come home and enjoy your home at night.

When you hire Roof Life of Oregon to work on your roof, the team is going to respect you, your kids, your property and you neighbors. Let’s face it, there’s nothing really all that fun about getting your roof done. But our guys will make it as enjoyable as possible, without causing you any discomfort



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