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What Makes My Upstairs So HOT?

Posted June 24, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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There are two things that cause your home to feel uncomfortable upstairs: poor ventilation and roof type.

We talk about ventilation at Roof Life a lot, because it’s incredibly important to the health of your roof and home. If the roof ventilation isn’t dialed in, not only will you lose your manufacturer warranty, all the air becomes trapped inside your attic.

The other important factor is your roofing material choice. Believe it or not, a shake roof will keep your house the coolest. Asphalt will make it the hottest. Think about it: when you walk outside on your concrete during the summer, you have to have your shoes on, because it’s boiling hot. But when you go out back on the deck, you can go barefoot.

Asphalt amplifies the weather. So if it’s hot outside, the asphalt will be boiling. If it’s really cold, it’s going to be freezing. One a ninety-degree day, the asphalt will hit about a hundred and seventy degrees. That heat radiates into your attic at a hundred and forty and then comes into your home.

People tend to blame the uneven temperatures on their HVAC. Poor ventilation or roofing material is usually the culprit. When we come to your home, we’re going to look at your environment. If you have direct sunlight, we might encourage you to choose a shake roof. No matter what material you choose, we are going to make sure the ventilation is 100% correct, so that you have a fighting chance at a comfortable upstairs.


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