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Why I Like Working at Roof Life of Oregon

Posted June 14, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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Last week, Patrick (Roof Life of Oregon CEO) and I went to lunch together. We were just chatting and he said, “Mark, why do you like working here?” It took me off guard, but I thought about for a minute and realized it was the personal growth and accountability that I treasure most about my job.

You might not ever think that roofing company would require its employees to be readers, but Roof Life of Oregon does. We read inspiring books from authors like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, J. Paul Getty, John Maxwell, and Malcolm Gladwell. And we read them for personal growth. It helps us to better interact with our clients, each other and our families.

The culture at Roof Life is one of accountability. I like that my section of the business in renewals is a profit center. I can work as hard as I want to and reap the benefit of that work. But with that comes great responsibility. Because I feel ownership over my work, when I’m on your roof, you can trust that the information I’m giving you is honest.

A Roof Life client always receives exactly what we believe is best for his or her roof. If we can extend the life of that roof five or ten years, how much money will that save the homeowner? By combining personal growth and accountability in our jobs day-to-day, we’re able to provide an above-average service, with honesty and ingenuity.



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