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Why is My Roof so Ugly?

Posted December 3, 2007 by Patrick Morin
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You should start looking at roof-tops as you drive through your neighborhood. (Hey, I do it all the time!)

Some homes sit under trees and others sit in the open. Some roofs are taken care of and some are neglected. Some cedar roofs have a light ash grey appearance (nice and healthy!) and some have a pinkish reddish appearance.

Some cedar roofs look repaired for only a short time as the new repairs blend in. Others have a permanent “repaired” look and a reddish pink hue.

Let’s talk about that pink roof.

I believe a homeowner should ask three questions of their roof maintenance company.

  1. Will my roof look good ?
  2. Will it work right?
  3. Will it last longer?

Asking a few questions about the future appearance of your roof, could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of embarrassment.

Once you Stain your Roof, you’re stuck with the result!

Once your roof is cleaned, repaired, and treated with a stain, you’re pretty much stuck with the end result for a long time. Roofs that get stained must be pressure washed; this causes undue stress to your wood roof. Now you’re in for more frequent and costly repairs in the future.

The repairs (those brand new replacement shakes) are then stained, but since they are new they only get coated while the original aged shakes soak up the preservative stain. For the first six months, everything looks uniform but then the stain comes off the repaired shakes and you have a permanently marked roof.

This is very frustrating when your home faces a southwest direction because most of the repairs will be front and center for all to see!

Remember that your shake roof was put on your home to enhance the appearance, not to look like a life long repair depot. The time of reddish, pinkish stained roofs needs to come to a close in Portland.

How do you get your exterior painting scheme to coordinate with a reddish, pinkish roof?

Why We Don’t Pressure-Wash Cedar Roofs

If you have Roof Life of Oregon take care of your roof, we won’t need to pressure wash it! This will save you a lot of money on repairs and increase the life expectancy of your roof. We will treat it with a self cleaning five year preservative that allows the color of your roof to be its natural light ash grey. In addition it will allow all the repairs to blend in permanently and go with any paint color scheme you chose for your home.

Why do they use a color stain anyway? Hmmm!

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