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Why Might My Roof Life Bid Be Higher?

Posted September 18, 2015 by Patrick Morin
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I get asked this sometimes when I’m sitting down with a client and they’re trying to compare us with all the other bids that they’ve gotten for their roof. Yes, sometimes we are going to appear more expensive, but it’s not because we charge more. With Roof Life of Oregon, you get a crew that is paid by the hour. We’re one of the only companies in the area that does it that way.

The biggest reason why we sometimes cost a little bit more than others is because we pay our guys by the hour. We call it managed pay by the hour. They’re not able to just live at your house forever. Almost all other companies out there pay their crews by the piece.

The reason why that’s such an important piece of information is because when you pay a guy or a girl by the hour to do anything, whether it’s mow your yard or paint your house, it encourages them to work a little bit more methodically, a little bit slower. When you pay by the piece, you’re encouraging that person to work very, very fast, because the faster they work, the more money they make. And when you work that fast, quality tends to be the first thing to go.

I see examples of this hasty work every day. At Roof Life, I’m the ‘leak guy.’ I get calls during storms from homeowners that are extremely distressed because their brand new roof is leaking. And I can almost guarantee the new roof is leaking because the nails in the shingles were improperly placed.

When you pay a guy by the piece, he has his nail gun and he’s putting them in the shingles as fast as he can. There is a very specific spot that you have to put your nails every single time. If you don’t put your nails in that spot, the water will find its way into that house. When you pay by the hour, you’re going to be more consistent. You are going to take your time and make sure that you hit that nail line every single time.

With Roof Life of Oregon, you can be sure that your roof will be put on properly. Keep in mind that if you go with a lower bid and your roof fails due to improper installation, you void your warranty. So that very expensive roof that you just put on your house, because it was done incorrectly, isn’t covered. Roof Life of Oregon offers a no-leak guarantee for our work and we’ll make sure your roof is installed correctly.

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