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Your Friend in the Storms- Part 1

Posted February 23, 2016 by Patrick Morin
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During December of 2015, we set a record for rainfall. I think we had about seven inches in a couple days. Roofs in Portland are set up to handle a moderate climate, but when we get that much rain in that short of a time, homeowners are going to see some issues that have been hiding.

In those heavy rains, the storm surge exceeds your roof’s ability to traffic the water off. If you’ve got debris blocking the drains or bunching up on top of the chimneys, the water might not be able to run vertically down the roof like it’s supposed to. If there’s a weakness on your roof, these storms are going to find it and you’ll end up with water in your home.

So what happens if you have water coming in and can’t figure out how to stop it? You can’t get up on your roof in the storm. We are about to start our thirty-fifth year of business at Roof Life of Oregon. We know how roofs are put together and how weather affects them. There are ways to get a hold of us and get an almost immediate response, which is unique in the Portland area.

We have an emergency response button on our website. If you hit that button, you’ll have a trained technician on the phone within five to seven minutes. That tech will help you minimize the damage by walking you through what steps you can take right away. And then we are going to come out to your home as soon as humanly possible to get that leak fixed.

We also have a live answering service. When they get an emergency call from you, they immediately call our on-call experts. Again, you get that right-away response to help you calm down, and get some peace of mind. Our goal is keep you as stress-free as possible in a crisis situation. You can trust that we will take care of you during the storms.



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