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Guide to DaVinci and Decra Roofing

Posted October 18, 2022 by Patrick Morin
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By 2028, the global roofing materials market is set to be worth $142.7 billion. There’s no denying that roofing materials are abundant, but picking the right shingles for your home requires expert knowledge. 

For instance, there’s the option of DaVinci and Decra roofing. So, what’s better for your home? 

Depending on your house structure, installing new roofs will come down to several factors, like the climate and longevity of the materials. 

What is DaVinci Roofing?

DaVinci shingles are a type of synthetic material which is used to structure roofs. You can find DaVinci roof tiles online, and they are often used by people looking for low-maintenance materials. 

This form of roofing is typically made up of virgin resins, which is better for the environment as most of the material is recycled. For instance, many DaVinci roof tiles are made of recycled rubber or plastic. 

Although some varieties of DaVinci roofing are also made up of engineered polymer, UV stabilizers, and thermal material. If you’re looking for something lightweight, DaVinci tiles are the best option. 

Not only are they lightweight, but they come in single-width, multi-width, and Bellaforté slates. So, there’s an option for everyone looking for a unique style and design. 

Understanding Decra Roofing Styles

Compared to traditional wooden shingles, Decra roofing comprises small, rectangular tiles and is often made with metal or steel. This option is more flexible as you can alter the shape and texture to mimic traditional shingles. 

This is great if you want a traditional look with more affordability and flexible material. 

You can also use the Decra roof tiles with stones for a better appearance and sleek design. 

Creating Decra shingles starts with metal and is usually covered with an aluminum-zinc alloy. This alloy material can last for years when correctly maintained, which is why it’s an excellent choice for houses.

Then, an acrylic resin is applied for better durability. 

And finally, there’s an overglaze applied to prevent the material from becoming damaged or worn down over time.

Of course, you should ask a professional for advice before making a final decision, as they can tell you if this material is suited to your home and the surroundings. 

Benefits of DaVinci Shingles vs Decra Roofing

The first benefit of DaVinci shingles is that they are durable. This type of roofing is made of recycled materials, so it has extended longevity and a strong structure. 

So, if durability is a top priority, DaVinci shingles are a perfect option. But let’s take a look at other benefits of DaVinci shingles…

Pros of DaVinci Shingles

Another reason to pick DaVinci shingles is that they are cost-effective. The recycled materials are less expensive than traditional wooden shingles, so you’re guaranteed to have more value for money. 

If you’ve already invested a lot in refurbishments for a new home, this is an excellent option for saving a little money while still maintaining a strong roof structure. 

Plus, DaVinci shingles are more eco-friendly as they tend to have UV stabilizers that absorb the sunlight and keep the rest of the home cool. This could be a lifesaver in the summer for homes in hot climates. 

You can also get better wind resistance on DaVinci shingles which can prevent severe damage and reduce maintenance costs if your roof gets affected by storms or other extreme weather conditions. 

The only downside of DaVinci shingles is that they won’t provide the exact appearance of real slate. However, these materials can be designed to make a close replica, so you won’t be able to tell the difference! 

Pros of Decra Roofing

Your home’s value has a lot to do with the details of a property, like roof shingles. So, for a higher house value, Decra roofing is ideal as it’s known for providing an expensive look to homes. 

In contrast to DaVinci shingles, Decra material can be customized with colors and textures to give your home an individual style. This will help the house stand out from the crowd and attract more buyers. 

Although if you’re not selling, you can still achieve a stunning look to your home with Decra roofing. 

This material is also lightweight, which makes it easy to install and maintain.  Therefore, you don’t need to worry about putting extra weight on the roof, and repairs will be more straightforward. 

The cost of Decra roofing will depend on the size of the house and the type of materials used for construction. Overall, the initial cost is higher for Decra roofing, but it can last longer when correctly installed. 

Even though you won’t be able to install this material yourself, a professional can take care of it to ensure that it’s placed correctly and accurately. 

Roof Maintenance Tips

To maintain your roof, you’ll have to check regularly and watch out for any signs of damage. Maintenance will be the same for both types of roofing, and some general tips are as follows: 

  • Inspect your roof for damage 
  • Clean the roof of dirt and debris
  • Check the ventilation 
  • Plan regular chimney inspections

Frequently inspecting the roof and hiring a professional will prevent you from facing high repair costs and prolong the roof’s lifespan. This is essential if you plan on living in your home for several years. 

Luckily, our team at Roof Life of Oregon has the skills to install, repair and maintain your roof no matter the material.

Roofing for All Weather and Budgets

Regardless of your choice between DaVinci roofing, you need to consider the age of your roof and the current condition before choosing the material. 

You should always talk with a professional and hire them to install your roof shingles. Otherwise, you will have to replace the entire structure and go through the process again if it’s not fitted correctly. 

Reach out to Roof Life of Oregon for an initial quote, and we can book you an appointment for your roof fitting. 

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