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How to Maintain Your Tile Roof in Portland

Posted October 25, 2022 by Patrick Morin
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The average amount it costs in the United States to repair a roof is around $950. Owning a home has challenges and requires a lot of upkeep and roof maintenance is crucial for the health of your home.

Since tile roofs don’t require your attention every day, it can be easy to forget about them. However, moss can cause a lot of damage and you might not even realize it’s happening.

Moss only needs organic matter and water to grow, making your concrete tile roof the perfect home. It’s easy for moisture to get stuck under the tiles and therefore allowing moss to grow undetected and quickly. Moss damages the tiles and the seal and creates leaks in your roof. Before you know it, your roof could be overgrown. 

In this article, we are going to talk about a few tips that will help you maintain your roof. Read on so you can protect your investment. 

The Effects of Moisture and Cement

Moss may not seem like a big issue, but it is. It can do a lot of harm and decrease the lifespan of tile roofs. Moss can grow fairly quickly and it retains water. The heaviness can cause the tiles to weaken and break.

Water retention can also lead to bacteria growth and mold, which can be unhealthy for you and your family. Some rodents and insects feed on moss, too. Unwanted animals are a whole other issue and it can take a long time to get rid of them. 

Moss can grow on essentially any surface including your driveway and walkways. Typically it will grow in moist dark places, like under the shingles on your roof. As the moss and bacteria build-up, they begin to eat away at the concrete. 

Concrete Tile Will Oxidize

If the tile roof isn’t taken care of properly, a thin film will form called silt. This happens because the concrete tile oxidizes and sloughs off.

This silt, which is made of concrete and fine sand, will begin to sit and build up in the crevices and valleys in the roof. When this build-up is left unattended, water will no longer be able to flow off the roof like normal. Think of it like a dam; all the debris, dirt, and grime form a blockage and that can be dangerous for your roof. 

Leaks Can Start

The constant improper flow of water off your roof will cause a leak. If you aren’t checking on your tile roof and scheduling regular maintenance, the issue could go unnoticed until the leak is big and costly to fix.  

Lifespan of a Tile Roof

Tile roofs are popular due to their durability and their long lifespans. If properly cared for a tile roof could last up to 100 years.

It doesn’t deteriorate or decay as a wood roof would. Many companies will give you a 50-year warranty in case something happens, but it’s not likely that you’ll have replaced a tile roof after you’ve installed it. 


  • There are many benefits to choosing a tile roof. Besides their long lifespan, they are environmentally friendly. They are entirely recyclable and because of the material, it’s made from, they are able to regulate indoor temperatures better. This will be helpful in reducing your electric bill later on. 
  • It requires some maintenance, but overall it doesn’t take a lot of work to maintain. There are also multiple styles and colors you can choose from, so you’ll be able to find one that you like and that matches the rest of your house. 


  • If you’re considering installing a new tile roof, there are a few things you need to know. This isn’t a project you can do on your own.
  • Concrete or slate tiles will be heavy and difficult to install. You’ll need to hire a professional. 
  • The cost is also higher than other roofing materials. However, people justify the price because of its durability.
  • Depending on your home’s structure and roof shape, you may not be able to have tiles installed. Their weight could cause an issue in a home that doesn’t have a great structure or foundation. 

Tile Roof Maintenance

It’s recommended that you have your roof serviced every three to five years. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, you’ll want to check it about once a year for minor damage and to clear off any branches. 

Roof Life of Oregon will clean the roof off and apply a treatment to the tiles that will change the pH of the tile to neutral, and slightly alkaline. This will prevent black fungus and moss from growing.

Our product also has a hardener that protects your roof from UV damage that breaks down the cement. With this good care, you have long-term, three-year protection against moss, and a conditioner that helps the cement stay strong. Plus, you as a homeowner have a more beautiful roof on your home.

Check the Attic

When it comes to roof maintenance, you may not think about checking your attic. However, the inside is just as crucial. 

If your tile roof isn’t insulated properly, there could be some dry rot. If the roof isn’t built with proper insulation, then damage could occur to the underneath portion of your tiles. 

Conduct Top Flashing

Top flashing can make a big difference when it comes to tile roofs. Top flashing is when a professional uses material like galvanized steel, to seal off certain spots on your roof. There are specific areas that you won’t want water to get into. 

For example, the chimney, vents, and skylights. This flashing will ensure the water flows properly to the tiles and off the roof. Without this step, water could enter your home.

You may not even realize water is getting in it. It can be a slow process that will allow mold to grow in the crevices of your home. The great thing is top flashing can be added to your house at any time.

If you’ve recently purchased a new home with a tile roof, you can hire a professional to do top flashing immediately. If you built your property a few years ago, you can still add it. It can also be painted any color to match your home so it won’t be an eyesore. 

Some benefits of top flashing include: 

  • Prevents decay
  • Stops leaks 
  • Can be added anytime 
  • Redirects water flow

Trim Trees

While it may not seem like a big deal to have overgrown trees in your yard, it is. It’s crucial that you take the time to maintain and trim your trees.

Large branches that hang over your roof can loosen the tiles. They are more likely to break and pop off. 

It’s much easier for untrimmed trees to break off and cause damage during the winter and bad storms. Dead leaves that fall onto your roof will also clog up your gutters. 

Don’t Let the Gutters Clog

It can be easy to forget about cleaning the gutters, but it can make a big difference. If your gutters fill with leaves and grime, they will become heavy, pulling on your roof.

The constant tugging will compromise the structure of the tiles. Unclean gutters can also lead to leaks and water damage. 

Remove Debris

Don’t let debris sit on your roof. Removing limbs, branches, and leaves is important even if it’s not visible from the ground. Over time, the debris could cause corrosion and holes.

It’s much more affordable to remove leftover storm waste than it is to replace tiles and repair holes. Be sure to check the small valleys. This is where major damage could be done because it’s easy to forget about those spots. 

Inspection After Storms

The tiles on your roof can last a long time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get damaged during a storm. Even if it’s not time for your 3-year maintenance service, you should consider inspecting the roof after big storms. This will ensure issues don’t go unnoticed and unfixed. 

Tile Roofs in Portland 

Taking care of your home isn’t something that should be put to the side. We know you have a lot on your plate and that’s why we are here to help. We have worked with homeowners and we do our best to reduce your reduce when it comes to tile roofs and maintaining them. 

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a while, now is the time. Contact us here so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe and free of moss and damage.

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