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My Roof is Unmaintainable- Do I Need to Re-Roof?

Posted October 20, 2015 by Patrick Morin
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If you’ve been told by someone in town that your roof is shot and you need to re-roof, I would give Roof Life of Oregon a call for a second opinion. You could save yourself thousands of dollars just by waiting a few years.

Listen, we know there are some folks out there that want to take advantage of people. They’re going to tell you to put a new roof on your house just because they know you really don’t know the difference. But we’re not those folks. We’re a maintenance company that replaces roofs when they finally wear out. If we come out to your home for a well-care checkup and find that your home is unmaintainable, that doesn’t mean we’re going to tell you to replace it right away.

You might be able to wait two to five years without doing anything. Sometimes working on a roof when it’s close to shot could send it backward, forcing you into re-roofing prematurely. So you might just get to wait it out without doing any maintenance at all. You may have to embrace the look of the moss growth. But, hey, that could be worth a savings of a few thousands dollars!

In a few years, whenever the roof is completely worn out and you feel good about it, call into the office, let the front office know that we were there a couple years ago, and get on our replacement specialist’s schedule. We’ll then do a full attic inspection and quote you any roof you’d like.

We look at about thirty roofs a day and they are all at different degrees of degradation. Some are completely worn out, some have a few years left, and some just need a good well-care program to that they can look beautiful and stay healthy for years to come. Call Roof Life of Oregon for an honest, straightforward answer about what your roof needs.

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