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We Maintain 11,000 Roofs Installed By Others

Posted October 6, 2015 by Patrick Morin
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We maintain 11,000 roofs in the greater Portland area that were put on by someone else. Because of this, we have had a unique eagle’s eye view for the past thirty-four years. We’ve learned from the problems we’ve found while maintaining these roofs, and are able to take that experience into our re-roofing department to better serve our clients.

Because we’re maintaining roofs put on by all sorts of different contractors and builders, we’ve gotten to see all the shingle application problems, the flashing problems, crummy component problems, and ventilation problems. The national average for one of these issues showing up is only six years.

These sloppy roofs are usually the result of a crew being paid by the square. Their boss tells them they get twenty-three bucks when they finish putting on a ten by ten square of roofing. What do you think happens then? The guys go fast, fast and faster. And the work gets sloppy. We pay our guys by the hour, they are incentivized by quality and longevity, and they are managed.

The one big benefit that came out of this situation is that we started a replacement division. So outside of maintaining 11,000 roofs, now we actually have three full-time teams that are managed by our production manager. We can put on our own roofs and avoid all of those problems that we have found over the past three decades.

We also back up our roofs with a lifetime warranty to you and ten years to your buyer. You could be there for thirty years and if you put that long of a roof on, we’re going to stand behind it because we know that quality is built into the roof. Because of our experience maintaining other people’s roofs, we’re able to hit the mark every time.

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