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Thought For The Day- Why Our Approach Is So Different

Posted March 3, 2017 by Patrick Morin
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From a recent email, dated March 1st, 2017:

Good Morning Roof Life Roofies,


In my travels around the beautiful town of Lake Oswego searching for clients to serve; I had the opportunity to clear a pesky downspout that was blocked with material from a recent re-roof installation. While I was enjoying my time in this aged, upscale and desirable neighborhood, I noticed a home that appears to be covered with a plastic material that resembles the DaVinci brand. Knowing the little bit that I do know about alternative roofing products, leads me to ask this question. “… Why would anyone offer no-caulk flashings* as an option for a life time roofing system?” Hmmmmm, It seems crazy to me that someone would be so cost sensitive that they would even allow “those types” of items to be listed in the solution pitch.

As I pondered that thought my mind circled back to our common goal: to always do what is best for the roof. Our holistic approach is so different than everyone else that it is good to stop and recognize that every once in a while.


Have a good day in the field gentlemen. Keep doing good work.



*What’s a “no-caulk flashing”? See our video, or search our Blog!

**(Ken is our Office Manager, Client Relations expert, and general Renaissance Man who can fix just about anything.)

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