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Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions During Your Home Build

Posted May 2, 2017 by Daniel White
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We had a crazy amount of rain this year, and we’ve seen a lot of roof leaks because of it. Many of these leaks could’ve been avoided with proper roof installation during home building. It’s made me think about my own experience building a home, and how lucky I was to know what questions to ask, and what to look for during the build.

My house is sixteen years old. I remember this because my wife was pregnant with our daughter at the time. And every day after work, I would come down the hill and check on the progress of our house. I know the poor guys hated me. They’d see my van coming down and say, “Oh no, here he comes again. He’s going to make us change something.”

And I would. I know what needs to be done because I’m in the industry. For example, they wrapped the house with Tyvec when they put the siding on, and these guys had it backward. If water got behind the siding, it would fuddle behind the paper and cause a leak down inside. I wouldn’t know for years. It’s one of the things I had them fix.

Here’s another example with roofing. I live in Vancouver right next to Camas, so we have huge winds that come from the same direction. It’s constant. There are trees growing at an angle because the wind blows so hard.

The builders and contractors weren’t aware of the wind. They put all of the ridge caps on the roofs in our neighborhood pointing in the direction of the wind. I made them change mine and after sixteen years, our house is the only one that still has its ridge caps.

If you aren’t in the industry and aren’t sure what to ask about, talk to your friends and neighbors. Ask them what they would do differently if they could build their house again. Don’t assume your builder or contractor knows what’s best for your home.

Find out about code requirements. When my house was built, the code lets them use staples. Now, you have to use nails and you have to use five of them. Make sure the builder is doing what they’re supposed to do in your area. Ask those questions. Builders should be able to answer them for you.

Here at Roof Life of Oregon, we know about the areas we work in. I know when I get into Troutdale or Gresham, I’m going to deal with wind damage. In Lake Oswego, I need to consider the trees and moss everywhere. We look at all the environmental factors available to help you pick the best roof possible for your home.

All the technicians at Roof Life welcome your questions. We want to make sure you feel good about the roof being installed on your home.

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