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Roofing is complicated, but we hope you find value in the various topics and posts we’ve procured over the years from our exceptional service to the Greater Portland Metro. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

Daniel’s #1 Tip for Hiring a Roof Inspector

When it comes to hiring roof inspectors, just like every other industry, there are good ones and there are bad ones. It can be really difficult to decipher between the …

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OSHA Updates Regarding Safety Anchors

OSHA exists to protect us. It was originally formed to keep us from hurting ourselves and to make sure we go home to our families every night. They constantly update …

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Can I Re-Roof Anytime of Year?

Most people don’t know they need a roof until water is coming into their home. Leaks don’t usually happen when it’s sunny and seventy degrees outside. That’s one of the reasons …

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Watch: What Is The New OSHA Standard Update?

Daniel discusses our commitment to keeping our crews safe, and how that also protects you and your family. We see unsafe roofing practices all the time, and go the extra …

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Can I Trust Contractor Review Websites?

It’s always a good idea to do your due diligence before hiring a contractor to work on your roof. You can use contractor review websites for a reference, but you …

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3 Tips for Christmas Lights

It’s always fun to put up Christmas lights yourself (is it?), but it can be dangerous, if you don’t take proper precautions. I’m all for doing it yourself, but we …

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Watch: Should I Trust A “Handyman” To Work On My Roof?

Daniel gives some tips on when or how to choose a roofing contractor like a handyman, or when to call a professional roofer.

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Mastic Won’t Keep the Water Out

At Roof Life of Oregon, we get to visit do-it-yourselfers all the time. We’ve really seen it all in our almost thirty-five years of roofing and roof maintenance in Portland. …

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How Do I Know When to Replace My Roof?

It’s hard to know exactly when to replace your roof without getting a professional opinion, but there are a few signs that it might need to happen soon. People usually …

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