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Things to Consider Before Installing a Skylight in Portland

Posted October 13, 2021 by Jerry Becker
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If there’s one addition to a home that adds more than monetary value, it’s a skylight. While there are many different types available, the most common skylight are the ones that look like windows installed on a roof. 

Skylight installations consist of insulated glass held within an aluminum frame and flashing to clear away any water. However, even the slightest mistake when installing a skylight can lead to leaks and other problems. 

Despite the potential for any leaks, a vast majority of people opt for skylight installations. That’s because they can enjoy the pros while easily mitigating any cons. 

Considerations Before Installing a Skylight

Take a few minutes to consider some factors that may help you comfortably make your final decision. 

There are varying types of skylights to choose from, and the right fit for your home depends on your needs. 

Save Energy

For example, the airtight structure of fixed skylights prevents cool air from escaping and hot air from entering during the summer, helping to reduce your overall energy bill.

That said, most modern skylights incorporate glazing technologies like heat-absorbing tint and low-emissivity coatings that help support energy efficiency.

Improve Air Quality

Indoor air quality is typically the last thing on people’s minds when it comes to pollution. But venting skylights help remove indoor air pollutants, odors and regulate the heat that collects near your ceiling. 

Automated skylights come equipped with moisture sensors that close when it detects rain. That way, you can take comfort in knowing you won’t come home to drenched floors. 

Smart skylights take it to the next level. They use sensors to monitor and adjust humidity levels, air quality, and temperature.

Light Control

Skylight installation doesn’t have to mean non-stop natural light burning into the center of the room. Depending on the shape, you have full authority to control the light. 

For example, you can choose from a skylight with a flare to evenly distribute the light. Or use a straight-edged unit to get a direct beam. 

A third option is to use tubular skylights. These are perfect for getting natural light into hard-to-reach areas like a room with no direct access to the roof or even your bathroom. The reflective tube naturally disperses the light into the room, essentially acting as a light diffuser. 

Pros of Having a Skylight

Modern Designs and Increasing Home Value

These days, roof skylights are more than the old, discolored bubble domes you find on older homes. 

Modern skylight installations have various design options to fit any homeowner’s unique taste. 

Selecting the right design makes your home extremely attractive to potential buyers. It’s one cosmetic change that a homeowner can expect to receive a dramatic return on investment. 

Benefit From Natural Light 

The abundance of natural light is proven to increase not only your home’s value but also improve your health. You not only get more Vitamin D and avoid seasonal depression, but you also get a better night’s rest because the light helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

Of course, the amount of actual light you receive is highly dependent on the placement of the skylight and time of day. A professional roofer can help determine the best placement based on your needs and wants. 

Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, skylights can help save money in the long run. As mentioned earlier, modern skylight installations come equipped with technology like heat-absorbing tints and coatings to help reduce heat transfer while still letting in beautiful, natural light. 

That means it minimizes AC use, and there are fewer instances of having to turn on the lights, helping reduce your overall energy bill. And if you have an automated solar-powered skylight, you can save significantly more. 

Fresh Air

As briefly mentioned earlier, skylights help improve the overall indoor air quality. Using ventilated skylights makes your home filled with more fresh air instead of the same stale, circulated air. 

And if you have a skylight in your kitchen, it helps remove the toxic carcinogens from your stove out of your house. 

Cons of Skylight Installation


Skylight installation shouldn’t be an area where you attempt to cut costs. If you need to stay within budget, it’s better to go for a manual or fixed skylight instead of an automated one. 

Purchasing a low-quality skylight will end up costing you more in the long run with problems like discoloration, leaks, drafts and more. 

Potential Leaks

Skylight leaks typically come from subpar skylights or in the installation process. It could be that the flashing wasn’t correctly installed, causing rainwater to collect and leak through. 

Long-term, this can cause more extensive damage to the surrounding area on your roof, requiring repair or replacement. Especially in rainier areas like Portland, you must work with a licensed professional to avoid future headaches and hefty costs. 

Roof Suitability

All roofs aren’t made the same, and skylights are typically more suited for standard frames rather than truss roofs. 

However, you can get a tubular skylight installation that navigates between the framework to the room you want. 

Heat Loss

One gripe that people have with skylights is that they feel they lose more heat during the winter.

This is typically an issue with older skylights that need repair or a simple fix with a thermal break or insulated glass. 

Still Have Questions?

Skylight installation is an investment whose rewards you can enjoy while living at home and when it’s time to sell. Using a licensed professional is your best chance at avoiding any heft costs and skull-cracking headaches in the future. 

With decades of experience being the largest volume installer of VELUX Skylights, Roof Life of Oregon is the one roofer you can trust to get the job done right. For any questions, contact our specialists online or at (503)-217-6093. 

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