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Roof Life’s No-Moss-Growth Warranty

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In Portland Oregon, roofs grow moss and fungus, like men grow beards in the North. The growth just keeps coming, it just won’t stop. Continual roof maintenance on moss can be cumbersome.

To do this job we have three different products for each type of roof in Portland. (Wood Shakes, Asphalt Shingles, and Cement Tile).

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Our Moss Removal Process & Guarantee

We begin by preparing your roof for treatment by cleaning and using a compressor to blow-off leaves and debris.

We come back out on a day that meets our manufacturer’s weather requirements and apply one of three special sauces to your roof. From that point forward, we offer a guarantee of no return growth for a time period that matches the specific composition and environment of your individual roof. Sometimes your no-growth warranty has stipulations that require more frequent debris removal for your roof. If those stipulations are kept, we offer full coverage for your roof.

Our coverage states that you will have no roof moss or fungus growth return for the specified time period for your type of roof and the individual environment of your home.

What If I Have Re-Growth?

If you have re-growth we will clean and/or treat the area at no charge. The roof has not been retreated with the same full-strength product originally applied as it only needs to fulfill the existing warranty period.

NOTE: Algae growth caused by an upper roof draining onto a lower roof is exempt from coverage.


The Roof Life Difference

Our warranties are provided as a combination of the product’s effectiveness (warranted by the manufacturer) along with Roof Life’s warranty of our application and expertise. This is an EXCLUSIVE in Portland and is only available through and by Roof Life of Oregon.

Every other roofing or cleaning service company uses an over-the-counter product purchased where-ever, mixed however they like. These companies can only offer self-warranty. No certification or training was provided by the manufacturers of these OTC products. That is why the manufacturers state they offer NO warranties at all. However, Roof Life of Oregon approaches roof maintenance for moss differently.

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