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A pH Balanced Roof is Healthy Roof

Posted January 24, 2017 by Patrick Morin
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If you can control the pH level of your roof, black fungus and moss will grow on someone else’s.

That’s not a magic trick. We’re just talking prevention. The pH scale goes from zero to fourteen. Seven is neutral, anything above is alkaline, and anything below is acidic.  Because we live on the west coast, developing storms coming from Asia’s environment gather up over the Pacific Ocean and dump right on top of us. We get quite a bit of carbon monoxide with our rain, which makes it acidic.treated vs untreated moss on roof

Our Dennco treatment products take your acidic roof and make it neutral to slightly alkaline. If we can keep your roof between a six and an eight on the pH scale, we can control the growth. That’s our ultimate goal.

Having dense tree-cover around your home, added to all of our rain, makes it really tough to keep moss from developing on your roof. Moss not only looks unsightly, but damages your roof. It actually eats away at your shingles and fasteners. That makes space for water to start seeping into your fasteners and saturate your plywood, which will cause the premature failure of your roof.

This is a big dollar issue. That’s why we talk about pH balance so much at Roof Life of Oregon. We’re helping to control that environment so moss and black rot fungus can’t develop and start to decay your roof. This prolongs the life of the roof and saves you money.


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