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Do I Have an Anti-Moss Shingle?

Key Takeaways   Moss often grows on roofs because they foster an environment with moisture, sunlight, and organic material that allows the organism to thrive. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing …

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Is Zinc Sulfate Powder An Effective Way To Kill Roof Moss?

Executive Summary Roof moss can grow if there is a buildup of moisture and organic material, and the roots can spread into the shingles and underlying construction layers, causing damage. …

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How To Take Care Of Moss On Your Roof

Executive Summary Moss is a simple plant that can grow along moist surfaces, including your roof, and cause damage as the roots and stems dig into the materials they grow …

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Three Types of Moss & the Damage Done to Your Roof

Moss grows on every single continent; yes, even Antarctica.  It’s an important part of many ecosystems, but there are also places it grows where it can be harmful, like on …

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Why Is There Moss on My Roof?

While most people don’t like roof moss because it ruins the look of their home, moss can actually seriously damage a roof. Mainly because moss can start growing underneath the …

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Cleaning Roof Moss with Laundry Detergent (But Is It Worth It?)

When it comes to roof moss, it can become a cumbersome issue. In the Pacific Northwest, it is the foremost cause of roof leaks, shifting shingles, and ruining the overall …

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Zinc Powder for Your Roof Moss on Your Portland Home?

Roof Moss is equally annoying and detrimental. As you know, the moss itself begins to lift/shift your shingles, compromise the foundation of your roof, and create leaks. In an attempt …

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Ask a Pro: Is Moss on My Roof Harmful?

As a Portland homeowner, it’s likely you’ve found yourself wondering, “is moss on my roof harmful?” The short answer is yes. Moss on your roof is harmful. If left untreated, …

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How to Prep Your Roof for Cold Weather

Is your roof ready for the fall and winter in Portland? It’s a great time to take a step back and assess the condition of your roof. Summer is our …

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