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Do I Have an Anti-Moss Shingle?

Posted March 21, 2024 by Daniel White
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Key Takeaways


  • Moss often grows on roofs because they foster an environment with moisture, sunlight, and organic material that allows the organism to thrive.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an anti-moss shingle, and no shingle can completely prevent moss or algae.
  • Although there are some algae-resistant shingles, they are often limited and don’t control moss, and the only thing that will keep moss off your roof is regular maintenance.
  • The best way to prevent moss from growing on your roof is to receive the support of a professional roof cleaning and moss removal service.

Moss and algae are two types of non-flowering plants that thrive in moist environments. Although these plants play a valuable role in their ecosystems, they are not a welcome sight when they start to grow on your roof because of the damage they can cause.

If you’ve looked into ways to prevent moss growth on your roof, you may have come across the idea of anti-moss shingles—which are shingles that are supposed to prevent moss from growing. Unfortunately, this concept just may be too good to be true. If you are looking to prevent moss on your roof, you’ll need to take mindful steps to perform maintenance and find the right support.


Why Does Moss Grow on My Roof?

Moss grows on your roof because the environment often provides the perfect combination of factors that allow for moss to grow and thrive. Especially in environments where moss already exists, it is easy for the plant to spread and cover roofs.

Moss requires three key ingredients to grow:

  • Moisture
  • Organic matter, like fallen leaves or twigs
  • Sunlight

Many roofs provide the perfect mixture of this formula. The shingles also offer a good anchor for moss to dig in roots and secure itself. In a humid, rainy environment full of trees, like Portland, moss on roofs is incredibly common.

Still, even though it’s common, moss growing on your roof is a harmful sign for a roof. Moss can add weight to your roof, strip the oils off your shingles, rot the wood underneath, lead to leaks, and more.

It’s important to address the issue as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary long-term damage to your roof. For some people, moss-resistant shingles sound like the perfect answer, but unfortunately, managing moss on your roof takes a bit more effort.


Debunking the Myth of Moss-Resistant Shingles

Unfortunately, the concept of moss-resistant shingles sounds nice but is not as realistic as one would hope. There’s no such thing as an anti-moss shingle. It just doesn’t exist. There are shingles that are anti-algae, but nothing that will keep the moss off without regular maintenance.



Moss and algae are two common threats to your roof. Although they are very similar, it’s helpful to know and understand the differences. Moss is mostly found on damp, flat surfaces and has stem and leaf structures. 

Meanwhile, algae typically grow mostly in aquatic environments and lack complex structures like stems and leaves. However, they both like damp, shady places and can grow on roofs.

With that said, anti-algae shingles can be helpful, as these shingles are made with materials that prevent algae from feeding on them. Still, even anti-algae shingles don’t ward off all types of algae. Unfortunately, there are two types of algae that even these shingles can’t prevent—even worse, both of these types of algae grow in Portland.

On the bright side, any new shingle is likely to resist moss when it’s new. New shingles often have oils that are unpleasant for moss to grow on. The bad news is that this oil strips down over time due to rain, dirt, and the elements—as a result, the shingles become a better growth environment, which is why it’s important for any home or business owner to know how to prevent moss growth.


How To Prevent Moss on Your Roof

Because moss is so stubborn, it can be difficult to keep off the roof. When working to prevent or take care of moss on the roof, many people consider a DIY approach. However, a DIY approach has both limitations and risks that make it ineffective.

Some of the risks and limitations of DIY prevention include:

  • A risk for injury from getting up on and down from the roof
  • The time and effort necessary to remove the moss
  • The lack of tools and experience needed to perform an effective removal
  • The potential to permanently damage your roof and incur more long-term costs

Ultimately, the best way to prevent moss on your roof is by trusting a professional moss removal and roof cleaning service. At Roof Life of Oregon, we make it a point to provide regular maintenance so that your roof stays in its best shape—we even offer a No Moss Growth Warranty since we’re so confident in our process.

We take steps to both remove and prevent moss. We start by using a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and fast-acting solution to kill off any moss without damaging the surrounding environment. 

Then, we have a specialized pressure washer designed to be tough enough to remove moss but gentle enough to protect your roof from damage. This process will safely remove the moss and ensure the longest-lasting result without leaving damage to your roof.


Prevent Moss the Right Way with Proper Roof Maintenance

Although moss-resistant shingles sound like the perfect answer to stubborn moss growth on your roof, they don’t actually exist. Algae-resistant shingles can offer a potential mitigation factor, but they won’t stop every type of algae. The only true way to prevent moss growth on your roof is regular maintenance from a professional service.

Roof Life of Oregon will keep your roof in the best shape possible and take the steps necessary to prolong the life of your roof, from moss removal to gutter cleaning. Our team supports homeowners throughout the Portland area with inspections, roof maintenance, repair, and even full roof replacements when necessary. With our dedication, years of experience, and hundreds of positive customer reviews behind us, you can rely on us to complete the best job possible.

Contact us today to schedule a free inspection or learn more about how we can help you keep your roof moss-free.

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