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Things to Consider Before Installing a Skylight in Portland

If there’s one addition to a home that adds more than monetary value, it’s a skylight. While there are many different types available, the most common skylight are the ones …

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Why Are My Skylights Leaking?

Skylight leaks are more common than most people would like to think. Years ago, skylights were installed in the finest of homes and made to feel exclusive. Because of this, …

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How to Temporarily Stop Roof Leaks While It’s Raining

One of the best things about living in Portland is the beautiful foliage that surrounds us. The variety of trees we get to enjoy on a daily basis is part …

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Have You Had Remodel? Check for Updates.

When we go out to a home, we can usually tell which parts of the home have been remodeled. As our industry changes and progresses, there are often updates that …

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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

When you hear that a big storm is coming, do you feel nervous about how your roof will hold up? Do you start wondering about roof preparation for winter, how …

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Watch: Skylight Seals That Need to be Replaced

Want to see what skylight seals look like when they’ve gone bad? Check out this video of Patrick Morin out in the field. Schedule a free inspection of your roof and …

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