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My Upstairs is Hot: Is it My HVAC?

Posted July 14, 2017 by Jerry Becker
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I get this question a lot. It’s really non-stop. Sadly, a lot of people dump money into something that’s not going to give them much remedy.

The first thing people blame for a hot upstairs is the HVAC system. They’ll spend thousands on a brand new air conditioner with a zone system to try to offset the heat.

The only thing you’re really doing is raising your utility bills, because now your HVAC has to work even harder. Most of the time, what you really need to fix is the ventilation in your roof.

Your roof is just not breathing. You don’t have enough airflow going through the attic space.  Did you know on a 90-degree day, your asphalt roof will hit about 190 degrees on the deck?  That makes it about 140 degrees in your attic. And all that hot air comes creeping into your upstairs.

You don’t need to spend $20,000 on an HVAC system. Most of the time, you can get your ventilation updated for 4-5 thousand bucks.

Just give us a call. We’ll come check out your attic, take a look at the outside of the house, and give you a solution. We can retrofit ventilation into a roof, without replacing the entire thing.

Poor ventilation is also the number one killer for roofs. Here’s a good indication for you: if you clean out your gutters and are taking out handfuls of granules, it means your roof wasn’t installed correctly. It’s too hot.

Call Roof Life of Oregon. It’s free. Let us take a look at it and see if we can give you a proper solution, rather than spending thousands and thousands of dollars on something that is not going to fix it. It’s only going to cover the problem up.

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