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Roof Certifications Benefit Buyers AND Sellers

Posted July 18, 2017 by Patrick Morin
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You have an asset base called the equity in your home. I’m always trying to protect that equity for the person who hires me for a real estate roof certification, whether that is the buyer or the seller.

When you hire Roof Life of Oregon as a buyer, I’m looking for every potential roof issue. I’m going to tell you how much it will cost to fix those issues, how long you can expect the roof to last, and the well care costs to make it last that long.

Finally, I’m going to tell you what it will eventually cost to re-roof. You get all of this information so that you know everything about one of the largest assets of your future home. You can use that information in your negotiations and to protect your equity.

If the seller hires me, I’m now there to give counsel about what the buyer is going to be checking out. General inspectors will often call us to certify the roof if they don’t feel qualified to do so, or if the roof is a certain slope or pitch.

You don’t want to lose a buyer that really loves your home because the roof can’t be certified. The best way to keep a buyer is to have these things fixed before they sink the deal.

If your house has a roof that’s not certifiable, I’ll tell you. You could take your home off the market and re-roof, or work with your realtor to re-adjust your price and repackage the home. The information helps with your strategy and planning.

Here’s an example. Clients of ours for over 27 years are moving to Southern California, so they are putting their big family home on the market. I went out to certify the roof and found some issues. We ended up doing 7-8 thousand dollars of work. Now, she has a forty-square home with a roof value of over $60,0000.

For $7,000 and some change, she has a certified roof to pass to a new buyer with a 5-year certification and a 10-year expectation.

We do charge $300 for a roof certification, but that is applied to any work we do. If there isn’t any work that needs to be done, you’re going to know what the roof is worth, how long it’s going to last, a detailed list of issues, and what it will cost to re-roof.

The feedback I’ve gotten from clients is that it’s a tremendous benefit. A Roof Life of Oregon real estate roof certification helps you strategize and best buy or sell your home.

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