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What if I get a leak on a weekend?

Posted October 20, 2017 by Jerry Becker
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If you spring a roof leak on a weekend, give us a call. We always have somebody around that’s going to be able to answer the phone and help you.

Most of the time, that call is going to come to me. I can talk you down, figure out where your leak is coming from, and help you remediate it as best I can over the phone.

We will do everything we can to get out to you, especially during big storms or emergencies. But we are a family oriented company, so we try to keep our guys home on the weekends, if we can.

However, when we know there are big storms coming in, we have teams ready on the weekend to serve you.

If we can’t get out to your home right away, there are some things I can help you with over the phone. Many times homeowners call in saying there is a brown spot on the ceiling with dripping water.

Usually all you need to do is poke a tiny hole right in the middle. That will allow the water to collect in one area and drain out. Just put a bucket down to catch it. Now you don’t have a bulging water spot in your ceiling, and the repair should be much smaller.

If you spring a leak on a weekend this fall or winter, make Roof Life of Oregon your first call. Rest assured we are prepared for the stormiest weather Portland has to offer, and someone will be ready to take your call.

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