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Why Should I “Embrace My Moss”?

Posted June 1, 2016 by Jerry Becker
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Many homeowners simply don’t know that shingle growtha roof requires regular maintenance just like every part of a home does, so they’ve let the moss do what moss does without much thought. Remember: the moss is the boss, when left unchecked. When they finally call us for inspection or home roof repairs–maybe out of curiosity because their neighbors have started replacing their own roofs, or because the moss is unsightly, or because they are preparing to sell the home– they don’t know what to expect. When they hear back from our consultants with the news that they should “embrace the moss” on their roof, it gets a mixed reaction.

When a roof has gone for many years without proper care or maintenance, and the moss has been allowed to take over, it’s only a matter of time before the roof fails. On younger roofs, we tend to still have options. This means we’ve caught it in time and can generally clean and treat the roof with positive results, and help extend the life that’s left in the roof. However, the older the roof, and the more advanced the moss-growth, the more limited we are to either leak-mitigation, partial replacement, or advising you to embrace the moss for the last couple years of the roof’s life while you save and plan for the full replacement on your own terms.

Sometimes the thing that is harming the roof is the only thing saving it. When moss has gotten to the point where it has taken over and started lifting shingles or carpeting your roof, then removing it could be a mistake. Removing the moss that has rooted underneath a lifted shingle can allow water to now flow under that shingle, giving it a better chance of stubborn mossfinding a small hole or weak spot and leak into your home. If the moss is eating away at your shingles or carpeting it, then the shingles have been compromised and sometimes that’s the only thing protecting your roof from water infiltration. If we removed the moss, it could open the floodgates, literally, and expose your aging roof to all sorts of leak issues.

Our company knows that a good roof is an investment, which is why we will never advise our clients to replace a roof before its time. This can get confusing when a person calls us for a moss removal quote, but then our consultant advises them to leave the roof alone. What this really means is that the roof is close to the end of its life due to neglect, and will need to be replaced in the next few years. This is good news! It is meant to give you expert information and advise so you can plan for the eventual replacement while the roof is not in crisis, and give you time to save.

Instead of taking your money, performing home roof repairs or cleaning a roof that is bound to fail because we’ve disturbed the old and fragile surface, and leaving you to deal with the leaks and early replacement costs, we would rather give you sound advice on how to proceed with your roof care. Your roof is our roof, and we want it to last just as long as you do.

Our intent is to help you, make your roof look good, work right, and last longer. We care about you and your roof and would never advise you to leave moss alone, and even embrace it, if it weren’t truly in your best interest.

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